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  • Thom3674 By  Thom3674    

    Newest family game

    Recently bought for my 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter. She is really enjoying the game. Granted, she?s not so great at it but it is helping with her hand-eye coordination and her dexterity.

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Game Room Staple

    Are you joking, this game is a staple in your game closet! We have this one and the Doc McStuffin one, but this is buy far better! My 7 yo ASD'r used to get nervouse about the anticipation of the "BUZZ", and it honestly has helped him with the loud noises and anxiety of it. It's not a cure all, but he's gotten much better after playing this game!

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  • Cyphersmom By  Cyphersmom    

    Still fun today!

    I always enjoyed playing this game with my brother when I was little. Though my 9 month old son is to young to play right on top of the fact that everything does goes into his mouth, I look forward to being able to introduce him to this when he is older. Good way to teach basic idea of where anatomy goes and a great time use. Small pieces so easy to lose in you are not careful.

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  • stephag1990 By  stephag1990    

    Fun & Entertaining Game!

    When I was a kid I loved playing Operation, now I'm 26 with a 6 year old little girl and we both play it together. The pieces are so small, when I go to try and pick one up I always end up hitting the side to where it buzzes. My daughter does pretty well at it and picks up more pieces than I do so she's usually the winner. It is definitely a fun and entertaining game for both kids and adults.

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  • Marie12345 By  Marie12345    

    Game that has stood the test of time

    This is a game that has lasted for years! We had it when I was young. It is really hard to get those pieces out without touching the sides. Maybe they should have a junior version for younger kids. It's a good game with lots of fun.

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  • KatieWit By  KatieWit    

    My daughter LOVES this game! It is a little hard for her to get the pieces out without making the buzzer go off but she giggles every time it does!

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    My children love his game! While I understand the game needs to have small pieces they are just so easy to lose!

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    My kids have loved playing this game. No matter how old they get they have fond memories of playing this game with their friends and family. They have taught their cousins how to play. It's fun to see such a game to bring them together in a fun way. The buzzer is still the classic buzzer and the original organs inspire kids to ask questions and actually learn at the same time.

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  • alaneq By  alaneq    

    The game, although frustrating at times, has been one of my favorites since my early childhood.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    My family loves this game! We have so much fun trying to psych each other out so one of us will hit the side and make the buzzer go off. It's great for family game night!

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  • Rubyroo2008 By  Rubyroo2008    

    My kids loved it at first but got angry at it. That could also be that there young and don't really know the concept of it yet. But I love this game.

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  • Verooonica55 By  Verooonica55    

    This was my second favorite game as a child, the first being sorry. It definitely teaches hand I coordination skills.

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  • GypsyBecky By  GypsyBecky    

    We love this game in our house, but sometimes it is too stressful for the younger kids, sensory overload. The older kids have a blast everytime they play.

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  • sassygirl13 By  sassygirl13    

    interesting game even for adults :)

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  • sweetmonkey8577 By  sweetmonkey8577    

    I loved this game when I was little now my kids love it.

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