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  • keaanne By  keaanne    

    My son loves this product and carrys it everywhere around the house. It is like the best thing since sliced bread. He loves toy guns and we love playing with him with his entire nerf collection.

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  • tiffie By  tiffie    

    SO MUCH FUN!! Whenever I have my 7 year old, my 14 year old stepson, and 13 year old nephew, they break these out and have an all out nerf war, fun to play as well as watch.

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  • trythat By  trythat    

    The Nerf Nitron Vortex Blaster is a great toy. It entertains my son for a long time. He can use it safely indoors. The discs it shoots out are soft and do not harm any household furniture or windows. It is great fun for my son. He uses it to pretend. The blaster has a very accurate aim.

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