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  • brazell4496 By  brazell4496    

    Fun game to play when my family gets together. Like all the categories.

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  • fitzamy2003 By  fitzamy2003    

    Great family game. Interactive and fun. We play this whenever the whole family gets together for holidays Highly recommend-lots of laughs.

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  • amandaakaaj By  amandaakaaj    

    Challenging, but oh so fun! I love all the different categories you can land on! Great for family night!

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  • ajsterz By  ajsterz    

    Love this game and we need to get additional sets of cards because we play it so much. Only downside is that the play dough that comes with the game drys out, but it can easily be replaced by a trip to the store for a replacement.

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  • snconover By  snconover    

    Cranium is a go to game for game-night with friends. I got this as a wedding present and love using it while entertaining. My only complaint is that the board got so much smaller and there's only enough pieces for two teams instead of four now. It's still fun though.

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  • Barrett23 By  Barrett23    

    Very Entertaining Game. However could use suggestion cards when using the putty which is quite hard to work with. And without the putty the game is pretty simular to Pictionary.

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  • Jess1015 By  Jess1015    

    This games is fun and challenging. It really makes you think while having tons of fun!

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  • MaddiePaige By  MaddiePaige    

    I love this game i use to play it all the time with the kids i would babysit. They loved it and so did I . This is a must have game if you have kids.

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  • MommyFavorites By  MommyFavorites    

    This is one of the best games on the market. My kids had a little harder time with the questions. Definitely an older kid, young adult and adult game. We play it mostly with other adults.

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  • sheedeals By  sheedeals    

    A must must game for game night and when you need a laugh . One has to be creative and really use your brains to defeat opponent in a fun way.

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  • Meganks8 By  Meganks8    

    One of my favorite games! Love them humdingers!

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  • Leslie1039 By  Leslie1039    

    This game is one of our favorites! From the littlest child to the adult, there is fun for everyone! This is a fantastic family game and the variety of ways that are required to play, it is never boring.

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  • h2oswimkid By  h2oswimkid    

    Love this game. It is always our go to game because it is so creative and fun!

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  • miladywitch By  miladywitch    

    I love it I played with some friend s and they were sad to go. This game challenges your brain, gets you moving and invalved team work

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  • nicolegray By  nicolegray    

    This game always gets my sisters and I together! We absolutely love this game and how funny it can be! It's also just good clean fun! We are already trying to teach my four year old how to play with us!

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