Has The Time Come To Discontinue The Miss America Pageant?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 09, 2014

"There She Is" ... but what for?

Is The Miss America Pageant just another reality TV competition as profound as an episode of The Bachelorette? Is it a charming but harmless nod to a piece of Americana, or a harmful and patronizing objectification of women?

Is it hard to understand, at a time when women outnumber men in universities, and the average woman is a size 14 – why bikini-clad stick figures are strutting around on stages to get scholarship money? Or is there a real-world link to success that contestants gain by competing in this arena?

Hardly anyone would categorize today’s Miss America contestants as unintelligent, inarticulate, apolitical, or detached. Most have attended prestigious universities, earned professional degrees, have exceptional communication skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle and are involved in their communities. What’s not to like about that? And aren’t impressionable teens who have seen the latest Music Awards Shows or celebrity selfies - likely to be unfazed by the pageant’s swimsuit competition?  

As a cultural institution, the Miss America Pageant has come a long way since its 1920’s beginnings as a tourist attraction in Atlantic City. Its historical influence in defining our perception of beauty has been prodded along by 3 memorable Miss New Yorks – namely, Bess Myerson, the first Jewish Miss America in 1945, Vanessa Williams, the first African-American Miss America in 1984, and 30 years later to the day, Nina Davuluri, the first Miss America of Indian heritage. The manner in which each of these women rose above the backlash that followed their historic wins, is perhaps the most effective silencer of pageant critics to date.

But is that really enough to justify continuance?

Should new categories of scored competition such as Problem-Solving, Creativity, Diplomacy, Athleticism or Technology – be added to things like Swimsuit, Talent and Social Platform in order to crown a more relevant ideal? Why do we need a Miss America?

We'd love to hear your opinion - Should the Miss America Pageant be continued or discontinued?

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mom2cats by mom2cats | NORFOLK, VA
Jun 26, 2015

Since Donald Trump made some very biased comments about Mexican Americans and the networks say they aren't going to air the pageant.........it's the best time to stop.

PaulinaChills by PaulinaChills | MELBOURNE, FL
Sep 26, 2014

Miss America Pageant should stop. I think it objectifies women by focusing too much on the physical aspect.

cherilynwhite1223 by cherilynwhite1223 | LEXINGTON, KY
Sep 26, 2014

I believe it should still continue. It is a great opportunity for these young ladies to share their platforms and win scholarship money. These women are not about the beauty aspect. They are active in their communities and support the homeless, veterans, animal shelters etc. I don't see anything wrong with that.

donnak4 by donnak4 | Evansville, IN
Sep 23, 2014

They should stop it. It mainly shows women as sex objects.

chenili by chenili | GLENDALE, AZ
Sep 23, 2014

I think it would be okay to drop it. At the very least, drop the swimsuit competition, and focus more on the talents, and community services aspect.

ababs22 by ababs22 | Schenectady, NY
Sep 23, 2014

I think that people should have the option to progress in the things they like to do. I don't see harm in giving these individuals a chance to accomplish at something they love. An added bonus to it all is they get funding for schools and a chance to be something in life. I would hate to be in love with doing something and then it was just taken away. Some of these girls are grown up around these pageants and it is passed down from generation. I see no harm and think you should continue giving these individuals the chance to do the things they love to do!

suttondancer by suttondancer | CHICAGO, IL
Sep 23, 2014

Both the swimsuit & talent competition have got to go! Didn't watch it this year, but heard only bad things about it.

SnoopyLoopy by SnoopyLoopy | PORTLAND, OR
Sep 23, 2014

It is no more offensive than any goofy reality show where women compete for a man's attention. I have memories of watching with my mom, cracking jokes. I think if people still watch it, it is not a big deal

littleneko by littleneko | NORWICH, CT
Sep 23, 2014

I like that they have a talent portion, but otherwise, I think it's a just of time.

tnshadylady by tnshadylady | FRIENDSHIP, TN
Sep 23, 2014

I don't mind competition for things like scholarships and sponsorships, but competition based on what? Are these sponsors seeking a spokesperson with particular attributes, or are we relying on a necessarily subjective panel of judges to define the ultimate qualities we should all look for? That's what troubles me. Emphasis is placed on the wrong things, on conforming to a very biased idea of perfection, and totally disregarding any other awesome attributes a contestant may have instead.

ambersjax by ambersjax | Jacksonville, FL
Sep 23, 2014

I enjoy watching it and believe it should be continued

Shraddha27 by Shraddha27 | allentown, PA
Sep 23, 2014

I dont think this should be ended

rinaliana27 by rinaliana27 | GROVES, TX
Sep 23, 2014

I think its a way to show girls that you can be beautiful and smart. Not just one or the other. These amazing women aren't just trying to land a husband. They are doctors and engineers. Do I think that they should strut around in a bathing suit, not really but to each there own.

ReviewZals by ReviewZals | PARK FOREST, IL
Sep 23, 2014

I guess it's okay that she was supported.

buddy692 by buddy692 | Scottdale, PA
Sep 23, 2014

To me it isnt any different the reality stuff already on tv. Plus it is tradition.