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  • aimalxmir By  aimalxmir    

    Great price!

    Enjoy this primer! It doesn't irritate my skin, and smoothes my skin for foundation application. It is extremely cheap and has a slight scent that is not noticeable. I also think it gives my skin a nice glow, and adheres to my foundation quite well.

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  • Amberangel By  Amberangel    

    Good for winter, not for summer

    I am a special effects makeup artist and have tried many many primers, this is just too oily seeming, I must say that it may be good in the winter but not for summer wear. It is too heavy feeling for that.

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  • DaisyHunnell96 By  DaisyHunnell96    

    Sheer Envy Dark Spot Correcting.

    I have this primer in Sheer Envy Dark Spot Correcting and it helps me with my dark circles that I struggle with. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and helps with my dark circles a lot!

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  • CrystalRuiz By  CrystalRuiz    

    Make my makeup stay all day and doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin at all, I love it!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Shake it well and apply and makeep sure to really blend.

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  • GorgeousNightmare By  GorgeousNightmare    

    I LOVE Hard Candy cosmetics! they are my absolute favorite.

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  • feebles13 By  feebles13    

    It is an affordable product works great with my foundation. Doesn't feel heavy, but smells a bit odd.

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  • autiger92 By  autiger92    

    My daughter loves this stuff. She prefers it over my Estee Lauder primer (and I do too honestly). It has a nice, smooth finish and it dries quickly. It doesn't feel wet on your skin. It smells a little strange, but you don't notice it once it's on your face. It works very well! Definitely a re-buy.

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  • Urangellea By  Urangellea    

    I bought this to try out for under my makeup for my wedding. Honestly, its not horrible, but its not great either. I actually like the primer from Eyes Lips Face (ELF) better.

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  • tricia12 By  tricia12    

    I hated this primer it was oily and did not do a very good job it actually made my face look to shiny and my make up did not last very long

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  • xoMelissaMB By  xoMelissaMB    

    This has to be the worst primer ever, either that or I got a defected one. First thing I hate about this is that it feels very greasy on my face, and I have oily skin and this just makes it worse. The worst thing about this is that when I am rubbing/blending this into my skin it kinda peels and once it drys it makes me look like I have dry patches all over my face! Plus this has the most disgusting smell to it. I threw this out.

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  • St3phy89 By  St3phy89    

    This primer is affordable and easy to work with.It was one of my first primers i purchased .I enjoyed using this on my skin,it feels silky.I also have used this onother people and they love it also.Its light weight an it keeps your makeup fresh looking.

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  • lat776 By  lat776    

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It's a great deal for only $8 at Walmart, and a little goes a long way! I don't use this for my face though, because I don't wear foundation often, but instead I use it on my eyelids, and is the PERFECT eyeshadow primer!!!! I would definantly recomend this to anyone that isn't willing to pay $20 for some other expensive brand. I am very pleased with Hard Candy products :)

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  • dragonfire79 By  dragonfire79    

    Great primer! It makes my face feel so smooth and my makeup last all day!

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  • erika85 By  erika85    

    I really was not a fan of this product I have olily to combination skin and it just made my skin break out and more oily. I used it for a month and it made my skin worse. I do I gree it works great for those for normal to dry skin.

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