Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

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Excellent Imperfection Concealer I use this product everyday for my acne. It covers so well but it does have a bit of a shine to it so i always cover it with powder to matte it down. It covers tattoos well as well. Mix it with your liquid foundation and it will go farther. I've bought this product about a year ago and it still about half full. It goes a long way!

I do the special effects makeup so I am looking for heavy duty coverage in a concealer at times, This one does not do the thing I need it to unless I apply layering of this. It is not buildable nor should it be because it is a concealer. Now if you do not mind it looking like you have it on then maybe it would be ok. I have to give this 2 stars based on my needs.

I like it. I like this product as it works on my dark circles (which are really bad and have beat a lot of products). I get a shade lighter then my natural skin color and blend it with my foundation to help beat my dark circles. The shade that I use is called Ivory, which is pretty pale in this brand.

Full coverage concealer This concealer is no joke, this is @ $6 bucks and it's so heavy duty guys, i compare it to makeup forevers concealer but this is way way cheaper! Must have in my makeup bag !!

This product is pretty nice. It doesn't have a lot of coverage, but when you build it up, you could hide even a tattoo.

The Best I love this product. It really give me a sexy and fresh look.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! ive been using it everyday for about a year now! I cannot live without it. it has amazing coverage and is inexpensive. yes I recommend!

This is a great concealer to buy if you are on a budget. At $6 it is very affordable and a little goes a very long way. The coloring is very light. I typically wear light colors, but the color "light" was way to pale for my skin. I have to use the shade "medium light" which is still very fair. It does have great coverage, but it does wear off fairly quick.

It covers pretty well for the most part but it does wipe off rather easily. I have melasma on my upper lip and by lunch time it has returned along with my under eye circles!

Ok this stuff is crazy pigmented. You literally only need a drop. I made the mistake of squeezing out too much and I just ended up wasting product. Its like a dupe for Kat Von D's concealer and it seriously covers everything. I don't really love the color range that much but then again for the coverage, I can use a setting powder to fix that issue.

I wouldn't consider this a heavy dutty concealer but it gets the job done, it doesn't have a lot of different shades but it does help cover up dark under eye circles and to kinda brighten it up too, so it's good and inexpensive product

I was hoping this full coverage concealer would be the answer to my dark under-eye circle problems, but sadly it wasn't. It looks cakey, creases and fades. I would, however, recommend this to someone who needs to cover up acne spots - I think it would work good for that.

I used this HEAVY duty concealer under my eyes a few times but it just creased very quickly. So I used it to cover up some blemishes which it did! But when I went to blend it out it sort of crumbled....it made my skin look like it was peeling. If it was your exact shade then it would work perfectly as a spot concealer but not an under eye concealer.

LOVE! I don't know what I would do without this stuff. It covers everything! I prefer this to my Bobbi Brown concealer which was my favorite before. You use barely any and the stuff lasts forever. I have really bad dark circles and problems with breakouts and this completely covers it all. It is very thick and can tug at your skin a bit and if you use too much it will just sit on your skin and not sink in but once you adjust the amounts it's wonderful

comparable to the kat von d tattoo concealer. It is HEAVY DUTY. To actually be able to be wearable it really needs to be sheered out with a sponge of some sort. It can be drying under the eye if not layered properly.