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  • denovot By  denovot    

    Great summer scent

    I like the G variety to wear in the summer as it has a very coconut-citrus scent.

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  • agirlyouonceknew By  agirlyouonceknew    

    I love the G girl! That smells so good, like kinda coconutty and sweet, yum!

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  • vleites1214 By  vleites1214    

    I brought thses pefumes after going through a fachon magazine and I started to buy one by one till I had all of the collection I love them they smell wonderful and they don't smell the same every bottle is a different scent which I love.

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  • Meigan By  Meigan    

    I absolutely LOVE all the fragrances available in this line. My personal favorite is Lil' Angel in both the regular and the 'Summer Cuties' line. I wish they came in a larger size, I use too much perfume to bother with the dinky 1 oz size offered. The staying power is OK. I do wish it lasted a bit longer, which is why it only received 4 stars.

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  • MissySuntide By  MissySuntide    

    I love perfume. It's a quick way to connect with a sense that people so often overlook: the sense of smell. And yet, scents can be so powerful---for good or otherwise. When shopping for perfume, I like to find scents that are more woodsy or, alternatively, "delicious". I don't like Church Lady scents, LOL. Harajuku perfume is *delicious*. It's not too heavy, it doesn't come in an aersol can, and it works perfectly when my outfit leans towards BOHO. Enjoy!

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  • mcarr17 By  mcarr17    

    This perfume smells wonderful and looks so cute on my vanity!

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  • allisondusek By  allisondusek    

    I have a few of these perfumes. They smell absolutely delicious! They are my favorite scents. My kids love playing with the tops, they think they're finger puppets, lol. The only negative thing is they're a little pricey for me.

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  • Mikiichu By  Mikiichu    

    I am in love with G!! I am seriously thinking about buying another perfume in the line. The only problem is that the smeel only last for about and hour or so...

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  • Ahyden By  Ahyden    

    I love it!!!!!

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  • lmnewalis By  lmnewalis    

    I have the Snow Bunnies perfume by Harajuka lovers and I adore it! Not to mention the bottle is unique and something different for a change!

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  • rach1234 By  rach1234    

    Love all the scents. I have a lot of different perfumes but at least once a week I pull out one of these.

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  • rvrsgrl By  rvrsgrl    

    g is yummy and tropical..smells kind of like the coconut tanning lotion with hints of flowers...so nice and summery! love is very light and flowery, very romantic smelling music is great too...very nice and has a slight musky smell with more of a citrus note angel is probably my favorite. Smells really sweet, has floral notes with berries the most adult i believe baby is the only one i do not own. I don't like this one...smells exactly like baby powder. I don't really want to smell like i just changed a diaper! I recommend them all except for the baby one!

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  • oliviathomas09 By  oliviathomas09    

    I would love to sample this perfume.

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  • m000m000 By  m000m000    

    I absolutely love "G"! It smells ammmmmazing! I have yet to buy it cause it is pricey, but whenever I go into stores i always spray the tester on me :)

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    All my friends and I love this perfume, it's perfect for everyone.

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