Hanes Thigh Highs

Hanes Thigh Highs

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Very comfortable product. I've never felt so free in thigh highs. I absolutely love them.

These are great for "special occasions".

I love the silky feel of these thigh highs. I have worn this brand for years. I love the colors.

I have had very good luck with Hanes Thigh Highs! I am to the age that I get hot flashes and pany hose don't help. Thigh highs are much cooler. I love them!

Hi everyone. I have a questions/concern: When you guys where thigh highs, do they always roll down?? I have tried many brands and they absolutely do not stay adhered to my thighs. Is it bc I buy a too smal or too big a size? Thigh highs are great but they don't seem to stay up. I even had to take them off at work one day bc they made it down to my ankles! How embarassing that was! Thanx!