Hanes Barely There No-slip Fit Bra

Hanes Barely There No-slip Fit Bra

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Worked nice the first day... After that it was not good at all..didn't hold everything where it should, shape was funny and not very supportive

Recently, I tried the Barely There® No Slip Fit? Bra from Hanes. I skeptically tried it. Let's face it, ladies ? bras are a nuisance! The straps never fit right and are always falling down. The cups are always slipping and the band is always binding. The first thing I can't wait to do after kicking off my shoes is losing the bra. OH! And forget about doing anything even remotely active in anything other than a sports bra. Again with the straps and slipping cups, huh? Well, I tried it for the last week. They have two ? one has the underwire and one doesn't. Mine has it. The straps have a small bit of soft acrylic-like substance on them to hold them in place. I decided to really put those straps through their paces. I have been working out for an hour a day playing Xbox360 Kinect. The game I have been playing, Kinect Adventures, requires a lot of jumping, squatting, ducking and dodging. These are just the kind of movements that my regular bra would start throwing straps. Day 1 and 2, the straps didn't move at all. They stayed exactly in place where they were supposed to. I figured that the bra was new and after it was washed (yes, machine washable bra, ladies ? but not dryer-proof!) it would lose some of it's shape and get stretched out. I wore it on day 3 and 4 and the straps still didn't move! In fact, after several washings and intensives workouts, this thing still stays put. The straps stay in place, the cups don't move ? it's like it's glued in place! Don't let that make you think it's uncomfortable though ? even the underwire bra was comfortable enough for me to wear all day without going slap nuts. The fit was perfect! The elastic didn't bunch up or bind. It was almost like it was made for me. I was impressed!