Halloween Witches' Shoes and Spiders Banner

   By jonbonjovious  Oct 05, 2011

My seven year old made this banner by herself and brought home first place in Creative Arts at the Utah State Fair this year. It's THAT easy and THAT impressive.

It can be made from fabric, or make from scrapbooking paper for a fun alternative.

No sewing machine is required, though one may be used to attach the pieces.


Rowenta Iron

Wonder Under

Three different Halloween Print Fabric (we chose green, orange and purple)

White fabric for spider eyes

Black Material for Witches shoes and spider

Black Jumbo Ric-Rac

Velcro or sewing machine

grosgrain ribbon

spider pattern

witch's boot pattern


1.) Make a pattern for the Witch Legs. Ours (from fabric) measured 3" wide x 16" long--adapt to scrapbooking paper 3" wide x 12" long

2.) Transfer pattern on to Wonder Under. You'll need:

  • 3 spiders
  • 12 right boots
  • 12  left boots
  • 6 six legs

3.) Using a Rowenta Iron, iron the Wonder Under onto the wrong-side of fabrics

4.) Cut out pieces.

5.) Iron pupils to whites of spider eyes, then iron on pupils.

5.) Peel off one inch of wonder under from top of Witch's boot and iron on to bottom of Witch's leg. Repeat until you have 12 sets.

6.) Peel off backing of Wonder Under and using the iron, iron on to heavy interfacing

7.) Cut out all pieces

8.) Lay grosgrain ribbon on table or floor and place pieces where you want

9.) Cut Ric-Rac to desired length for each spider to hang

10.) Secure all pieces with with a sewing machine, glue gun, or velcro circles.

11.) Loop ends of ribbon to hang


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anniephelps by anniephelps | vine grove, KY
Oct 07, 2011

how cute...and a great ideal for the halloween party I have for kids around here (live in a rural area not many places to go trick or treating plus I have teens) Kids will love to make thanks!