Halloween Candy Gone Wrong

   By ala019  Nov 04, 2013


Happy Halloween!

See what happens when kids are given healthy Halloween treats instead of candy!

How would you have reacted to this when you were a kid? Or, if you're a mom, how do you think your kids would react?

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SavinSamm101 by SavinSamm101 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN
Nov 05, 2013

That's so funny and cute lol

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Nov 04, 2013

ahh, it's more like a case of "Crest and Oral-B" gone wrong. Yes, major brands have the right to make hilarious vignettes/commercials without full disclosure of "what" was in the allegedly-healthy-food treats and without telling us if/how the kids were scripted and edited, etc etc ... but the overall message that Candy is good and the inference that Healthy Food tastes like poop or makes you throw-up - in order to continue selling their cavity-fighting products- even though it's Halloween and a time for a wink - is kinda lame. C'mon Crest, you can do better. For parents, very funny to see but I'm not so sure about kids seeing this.