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  • rustyfan By  rustyfan    

    Super clean floors

    Love the idea of no chemicals - left my floors clean with no sticky residue. You do have to move the mop slowly over the surface, especially the first time using. It does a much better job of getting dirt out of the grooves over a traditional mop. I would highly recommend this product if you have animals or kids. No worries about them walking or crawling over the floors with a chemical residue on them.

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  • lueirv By  lueirv    

    I purchased this product, tried it on my linoleum kitchen floor. I took off some of the dirt, but not very much. As my husband and I used it, taking turns because it became more difficult to push as the pad that contacted the floor became more saturated, we decided that it just wasn't worth the money. We ended up packing it up and returning it to the store. It's probably OK if you want a light cleaning, but our floor had small grooves in the design which could not be cleaned with this unit.

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