HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G

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I've had this phone for two years and it is so useful. The only issue I have is that the battery runs out so quickly. I'm due for an upgrade but I'm more than likely going to stick to the newer version of this phone.

I have had an HTC Evo for over two years and I actually like it. One of the problems is that it is typical for the charger port to get disconnected from the motherboard thus not allowing for a charge. The only fix for this problem is to bring your phone in and get a refurbished one. I have had to bring back 2 phones for this particular problem. I also had to bring back an Evo because the Wifi antenna was not working. All the other features of this phone are great but having to constantly replace your phone due to malfunctions can be quite frustrating!

I had this phone for a while and it was terrible. The battery life was absolutely awful. I couldn't even use the Internet services if I wanted my phone to last an entire work day in case I needed to all anyone on my way home. I tried using the apps that cleared all the open running applications to save the battery life, but none of them seemed to work. I was not satisfied with this at all.

I absolutely love my phone! Had to cut back recently and discontinued my home Internet but with this phone it doesn't really affect me because the phone as almost all the capabilities of my laptop. In fact i am writing this review on my EVO! Love love love.

Its a decent phone, one of the better ones I have recently had. The screen is a good size and it has a really good camera with a better zoom than my regular digital camera. The phone is durable and can survive being dropped without breaking. My real issue is the battery life, its slow (to load videos, Facebook and webpages) that its starting to freeze. I would recommend to a friend if they were looking for a good phone but weren't expecting it to be fast with anything web related.

This is my current phone. I love how big the screen is. The battery life is okay. But I always play games on my phone. Overall I think its a pretty good phone.

I love this phone but the battery life is not as good as I thought it would be. I have to charge the phone every night or by morning I have no life on it. It is easy to use. I have a bluetooth in my vehicle and it is great that I can connect the bluetooth in my vehicle. Not to bad of a phone.

This is a decent phone although it does have many glitches. I gave this phone to my husband as a gift, he loves it but we do notice that it freezes up quite often, battery life is poor and now the speaker is starting to wear out. Other than those downsides, it does have a great screen size, turn by turn GPS via Google maps and soo many capabilities.

Great phone! I love the size of the screen, great camera, extra screens for apps, etc. has voice recording for searching, texting, etc. Great way to text when busy and can't use your hands to text at that minute.