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  • Peachesncream887 By  Peachesncream887    

    I found it too difficult to try and play and win. Also I am not sure if it has changed but you had to be right on at a certain time and it just never worked out for me to be on to play at that time. It was only once or twice a day at most there was not many times they did it.

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  • leona1219 By  leona1219    

    This is a lot of fun to play and keeps you on your toes!

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  • sweetnsalty By  sweetnsalty    

    Although they have started to help out with lives, the game itself is still hard to win. However, if you're really smart you can win real money just like that.

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Ehh. Alright.

    I loved this game at first. It has since gotten pretty old. It has the same old stuff. I stopped playing (probably for the better) because it was wasting my time.

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  • wintergreen83 By  wintergreen83    

    could be better

    There are better, easier game apps that give money. This was fun. These are some other games I think that are similar & easier to get $$$: SOCIETI-APP (code: XB19QE ) it's a reality tv prediction game. ios & android SWAGBUCKS LIVE (code: roxo) From swagbucks.com, this is set up like HQ but you get swagbucks (that you redeem for $$$). It's easier to rejoin (invites & swagbucks). ios & android

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  • cjank13 By  cjank13    

    Good Fun

    I love any kind of trivia games, and HQ is a pretty good one. I've played for a while, and it's started to become a little more gimicky lately. They have a lot of "themed" trivia nights now. They are also putting out more and more power ups for purchase - I get it, they have to make money, but I would prefer they just add some more advertising at the beginning of the game or maybe even in the middle of the game. Purchasing extra lives, erasers, etc., as well as their new "free pass" system makes it less of an even playing field, like when you used to actually have to use your knowledge (or sometimes make a lucky guess) to win! However, it's still a fun game. I also like the new HQ Words game a lot - maybe even more than the original, although sometimes they add some extra words to the answer to make it harder to fit in with the clues.

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  • thevegasmom By  thevegasmom    

    A lot of fun

    I've never personally won, but me & my husband love to play! It helps me learn more about different topics too. I find myself getting more questions right every time.

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  • laizahill By  laizahill    

    Love it

    I love this game! I have won a few times! It's fun bc we have all the friends and family playing together

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  • aqc5529 By  aqc5529    

    Fun but annoying

    I love this game but the questions sometimes are so complicated. I always play but prepared to throw your phone regularly.

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  • jessica_brady By  jessica_brady    

    There's no gimmick

    Doesn't actually give you 10 seconds to respond to a question, and it freezes a lot, but the money is real!

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  • MamaHerr By  MamaHerr    

    Not bad...

    Pretty fun at first, entertaining and informative even if you get the questions wrong. Ive lost interest in it after some time and can't keep up with the specific times you have to play it since I have kids but like to jump in every now and then when I have the time. Some of the questions seem impossible to know the answer to, lots of guessing!

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  • MsWendy By  MsWendy    

    Win REAL Money-Are you Smart Enough?

    So much fun packed into a small app!! ♥Even if you are not great at the game, it's fun and can be a way to learn something new! Give it a shot.I highly recommend that everyone at least try it. Great fun for the whole family or solo. It's free and you could win some free money for just answering some questions that many of you probably know the answers too! I enjoy it even if I don't win ^ ^♥

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  • Lanieluck By  Lanieluck    

    The hosts are pretty annoying and ramble on about nonsense. It is super hard to win anything and the comments are very distracting. It is a good concept, but I am not a fan!

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  • mdgolemi By  mdgolemi    

    Fun to play with family

    Fun to try and win every day! Haven't made it past question #4 haha. Will keep trying because who doesn't want to win money?

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    It is fun and friendly game. You download free app and can win real money. It get little hardy, but it?s fun. We love to play as a family time. Everytime we play we learn new things.

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