HP  Deskjet Printer All-in-One Seires

HP Deskjet Printer All-in-One Seires

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This is an okay printer, but I wouldn't buy it again. It does what it is supposed to, but the ink is too expensive to refill, it uses way too much ink way too fast (which means you have to buy refills like once a month or even twice a month!) and the paper often doesn't roll up by itself and I have to help it along. If I'm going to shell out money for a printer, I want it to be efficient and look nice, not just look nice.

Im not sure wat model this is....but I once owned a HP all in One for years.Overall the Printing Qualities are Great... But The INK is the problem..... VERY EXPENSIVE..... then finding which ink for which HP printer.... I experienced an incident where I had purchased Ink....The Correct Catridge, let me add....at Walmart.... Opened It, Inserted It....Printer Read .... Incorrect Catridge... even though it wast The Correct Catridge... Tried to return it.... Didnt happen... Money wasted.....

While it doesn't say the model number on here I will note that my very first and only is an HP PSC 1401 all in one printer. I've had it for years and it is still going strong. I only wish it didn't use as much ink. When I'm in college, I can be replacing the cartridges one to two times a month depending upon how often I have to print papers. It's also great for making copies and scanning photos!

I've had several HP printers. Overall, it's a great printer. I wanted something with quality text printing and HP seems to always come out on top for this. The photo printing was good but way too expensive for me. Even though I don't print photos, I still feel like the ink, especially the color, gets eaten up too quickly. And, the ink cartridges are VERY EXPENSIVE. So, since my HP has died, I've decided to try a Canon printer, mainly due to the cost and having to replace the ink cartridges too often.

i have extremely bad experience with HP and with their driver updates. probably one of the best makers in printers, but then on compatibility with different OS's in the future? HP fails.

this is a great product, although it is very sensitive and has to be reinstalled sometimes. It is very easy to use and to make copies with. another thing that i like about it is that you can buy an off brand ink for it that is much sheaper than brand name ink.

I have had the older and then it died so I bought the new version ( in black) . It works good . It does seem like the ink doesn't last as long as it did in the older one though.

I bought this for my daughter for christmas and it prints out beautiful pictures for her scrapbook.

This is my first printer for my computer. It is light-weight and easy to install. On the first day we had it, we made a few color copies and they were perfectly clear copies. The printing comes out perfect without a smear or fuzzy spot. I would definately recommend it to anyone.