HIllary Jordan When She Woke

HIllary Jordan When She Woke

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I haven't read a book like this since...ever. It has had my mind reeling since the day I opened it, and I'm well aware the gears will be churning days after. Jordan's words create a universe so unraveled you can do nothing but will yourself to be sucked into it. Her vocabulary is also a joy I delighted in, which is rare for me these days. I'd also like to say that, being scarred with an autoimmune disorder, I often feel like I've been "chromed" Red, so it was easy for me to feel the detachment, loneliness, and anger Hannah felt. I also suspect that it's not just me who can easily sympathize with the main character, but everyone and their battles will be able to find blessings through Ms. Payne. The plot automatically grabs your attention, whirls you under, back and forth, and in-between places you'd rather not go--it makes you face your fears. About religion. About what you've been taught since you were old enough to stand. And ultimately, it reassures you that your life is YOUR life--your choices, your free will, no "box within a box." This book gives you hope.