HBO True Blood

HBO True Blood

              Rated #10 in Television Shows
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171 Reviews 4.6/5 stars
94% Recommended
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Weird but great I really enjoyed this show. It?s unusual but in a good way. I wish it was still on:(

Bloody Good Great show. Love the characters and the storyline

Loved! Great casting choices throughout. I started watching for the hot cast and got hooked into the storyline. I watched the show first then got into the books. I thoroughly enjoyed.

Good start This started out so great. Memorable and dynamic characters and I loved every second of it for the first couple of seasons or so. Then it just started becoming a little too repetitive for my liking and the constant love triangles became so tedious I couldn't finish it. But I do recommend people watch it for the first few seasons.

One of the Best Shows of All Time! I still could watch this show over and over. And I do! It's one of the best shows of all time! What a compelling cast! I was so sad to see it end! The story line could have played out forever! I wish it did!

Spooky and sexy Sexy vampires and suspenseful mysteries what's not to love? If you are a vampire fan check this one out its got spooky and sexy mixed all together.

Hot mess Not recommended for me I hated it too sexual too violent

Recommend A great show to just enjoy the story line especially is yoy like this kind of stuff good character and that makes it a good great now

I like it, i got hooked very easily, my luck was that i discover the show after season 4, and one of my friends have the dvds, so i watched almost the entire show straight 🙈

Bring it back!! Since this show came out I was infatuated with it. I wish they would bring back at least 5 more seasons. I got some ideas that will rock Baton!

Started great but After a few a seasons the show crashed and got away from the books and then it got really fell flat 6 ft in the ground

LOVE THIS SHOW! This is an amazing show! NOT FOR THE KIDS THOUGH! Lots of adult content! But you will get hooked on it!

Fell in love with this show. I've never read the books but after watching the show I want to read the books

Great show I love this show but series final season was eh! I enjoyed the books as well.

One of my favorites! I could take the day off and watch one episode after another! Addictave!