HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs

HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs

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My go to brand of puffs and baby snacks/food These puffs are the ones I get my kids when I have the extra cash. They are organic and that aline makes me feel better to give to them. I think they taste the best (let's face it. We all taste the kids foods before giving them to our kids 1st)

Love these!! Love these puffs for my littles. They are yummy and dissolve very well. All of my kids have loved them.

Difficult for baby without teeth I really wanted to like these snacks because they are gluten-free and came in nutritious-sounding flavors like "Kale & Spinach." My son had a hard time gumming them and they didn't dissolve easy so I ended up eating the rest of them. They taste pretty good and I'd probably eat them as a snack, but I wouldn't give them to my kid until he grows some teeth.

My daughter didn't like these compared to others. I found that they had less of a taste to them than others.

Highly recommend Love this brand. They are organic which is awesome for me and my baby. My could loves these puffs. I tried one and they taste good! A great snack that isn't messy.

Amazing My son could eat a whole one by himself if I let him haha. They are so easy to just give as a quick snack and they are very healthy. This is the only brand I will buy. It is also very good for hand eye coordination.

Yummy and gluten free. My munchkin has a gluten sensitivity so it is nice to find some snacks that she can have. They offer a few gluten free flavors and she really enjoys them.

These are such a great snack for my little one, and sometimes even catching my older ones nibbling on them. Love how convenient they are to just grab and go.

My children love these puffs. Simple easy on the go snacks, in great flavors and healthy for them as well.

My baby loves loves loves these. When she is done with her meal I pour a bunch of these onto her tray so she can learn to pick them up. It is so adorable how determined she is to get them in her mouth. She might only get like 5 out of 30, but i feel like it helps her learn. I like the flavors, and that they are organic. I think the age range guide on the back of the package which lists the skills needed to eat them is really accurate. I tried giving them to her before she could crawl and there was a lot of gagging and i think one chocking incident. I like that they can dissolve, but that doesn't help the little baby panic. Luckily she could be "choking" one second and happily grabbing some more the next second.

The best thing about test is they are organic and healthy but the taste doesn't compare to the regular ones.

Decided to try these since we highly prefer organic... especially when it comes to our 8 month daughter. She loves them! I give them to her at the end of almost every meal as a kind of treat.

my daughter loves these, they seem to be tasty and she can't get enough of them

My son really didn't care for these at all. He threw them on the floor and even our dog would not eat them.

Not as good as the regular ones, but still healthy.