Gyro Bowl Children's No Spill Bowl

Gyro Bowl Children's No Spill Bowl

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Waste of money Not worth the money. I mean my toddler loved its creative design...but its purpose is bogus. He spilled every single time til i threw it out. I don't recommend this product.

This bowl worked pretty good, my son would just scoop the food out and spill it on the floor anyways. I hated to clean it but other then that I worked really.

Enjoy this Bowl I really like this bowl. I have a two year old who really enjoyed this bowl. We have only had it for a couple of months, so maybe that is why we like it so much. I tend to put larger foods in it like crackers and animal cookies, but I have not had any issues with spilling. I also like how it has a lid for traveling. Only time will tell if it breaks, but so far no problems that I can tell.

Not the best When my son was little I got this product as a gift and it worked well for a while but then after a few months and broke and I had very sad. I like the concept but this product was just OK not amazing.

Just a bowl It says it won't spill but it still does! Not recommended, it's fun for the kids but definitely still creates a mess.

Needs improvement Love the concept of these! However, ours fall apart easily. The various pieces come apart and are a pain to put back together. With a more solid design, these would be amazing.

Good idea, needs lots of improvements Worked just as well as every other bowl I have ever given my toddlers. First try with one and he just shoke it and crackers flew everywhere. First try with the other he held the inner bowl and proceeded to just dump it.

my kids see this as a challenge. No matter what I put in this my kids work their hardest to spill it, just to prove it wrong, Cool idea, but kids just like to defy what they are told.

Cute and fun design but I'm sure my daughter would find a way to spill. But still cool

This is The Gyro Bowl, which I'm sure some of you have seen on TV and some may not have. I didn't, but when I saw the boxes at Walmart covering the entire end of one of their aisles, oh boy did I get super excited. I saw this colorful, eye catching box with a really cool "spill proof" bowl in it that would keep my children with snacks and me not worry about them dropping on the floor when they run around with a bowl. So thrilled at the idea and the price tag under $9 I had to get one, I actually got two. One was for my toddler, 16 months old very active happy little girl and the second one was for my son who will be three in a month, also always on the go. I didn't have a treat to put in them right away but once we got home from getting "back to school stuff" at Walmart we had to go out again and I was so please to have these bowls and be to able to use them in my car. I mean, who doesn't want spill proof everything in the car when it comes to letting their little ones have snacks (which, by the way, we don't have often in the car. I'm one of those paranoid moms who constantly worry about how I would get off the road and someone out of the car quick enough if they were choking). So, all packed up and ready to go, again. Cheerios loaded into the Gyro Bowls and one happy mommy....Until we started driving and my five year old daughter yells up to the front seat "MOM, they are spilling them all over the floor". Uggg, really?! I'm in shock, something that I thought was going to be a great investment turned out to be a dud. Not that I am really surprised, I mean how often do we see things and think "Now, that's too good to be true" yep, that's me. Always looking for the things that will help make my life easier and with four children having an easier life is sometimes difficult. I want the best things for my money and this was not one of them. $16 gone and a messy car. Nope not one of my better purchases. I never saw the previews, if I had have I never would have purchased it. My realistic side would have taken over and I would have talked myself out of buying it. While I was looking for the image online I saw the commercial and they are turning it very slowly and never do they actually turn the unit upside down. Sideways, yes, they do show some children carrying it that way, but never upside down. The infomercial shows the person flipping the handle around the bowl but not actually moving the bowl. Not a good purchase, I was very disappointed in these bowls, as a bowl itself it works well enough to hold stuff if kept straight but as a "spill proof" bowl, no way.

It does what its supposed to do but not always so perfect<

These really aren't that great. If you've seen the commercials, they are kind of comical and you can even tell from watching them that the item isn't going to actually keep anything from spilling. All you have to do is catch the ring around the edge of the bowl and you can knock it right over. It would only keep from spilling if you tapped it gently. The best way to keep kids from spilling things out of a bowl is to set them at a table and keep an eye on them. Cleaning up messes is just part of parenting though. Skip the money you'd spend on this and invest in a Swiffer Mop instead!

i dont know where spill proof came in when making this. my son spills things that i have put in it when he uses it. this does not work and i wouldnt recommend it and its also pricey

I bought this on impulse when I was pregnant with my last kiddo and funny thing as I was going down through these products, my 9 month old was sitting beside me using his bowl for the first time with some cheerios in it and in now time they had fallen out of the bowl and some went in between the parts. Cute bowl but does not do what it says.

Not spill proof! But as my son is getting older (18 mo) I reintroduced the gyro bowl and he TRIES to be more careful not to spill everything inside. He likes it, thinks its fun, and as long as the child is careful it is perfect for goldfish and cheerios.