Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells

Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells

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Creamy Chocolate Seashells These are really smooth and creamy and decadent. One too many and you will no longer love them!

Mother's Day is coming up and chocolate is always a trendy gift. I used to favor Godiva as my favorite brand, but I had a change of heart last year once I tried Guylian Belgian Chocolate. Guylian's chocolate Sea Shells and Seahorse chocolates use a hazelnut praliné recipe that was perfected over 50 years ago and has not changed to this day. They use 100% pure cocoa butter and have a unique hazelnut praliné filling that is to die for! It is made from caramelized and roasted hazelnuts that are cased in marbled shells. I recently received a delivery of these chocolates and I am in heaven! While the Guylian Belgian Chocolate with hazelnut filling is my absolute favorite, I was excited to try their chocolates with Vanilla filling. These were amazing too. I liked that they used high quality ingredients and I could taste the rich vanilla bean flavor. I think that whoever created this recipe is a perfectionist! My husband's favorites were the Chocolate Bars. Since Guylian uses the best ingredients, it is not surprising that there chocolate bars are rich. We tried the Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate bar (Dark 54% Cocoa) and the Milk Chocolate bar. One thing that we really like about them is that there is "No Sugar Added". We like the rich and decadent taste that results. After we sampled some of the bars, my husband took the dark chocolate bar to his office for himself. I tease him that he needs to learn how to share, but I mention it because it is a complement of how much he loves this chocolate!

omg even though mine were melted it was divine!!!!!!!

nice little treat that doesnt last long at my house. I have been know to have a "secret" stash just for me

This stuff is scrumptious. The smell alone is worth opening. I would recommend this product to anyone for a personal pampering or as a gift.

I received my package in my Cravebox and they were pretty melted... but so delicious! Definitely should not be left out in the AZ sun. If I see these in the store I may just have to get them.

Great chocolates! Unique shell shape and wonderful creamy inside. Highly recommend.

Creamy and smooth. Higher end chocolates for sure.

These are beautiful to look at with their seashell / oceanesque shapes. The chocolate seems to be of high quality and I imagine the hazelnut creme is also. I don't really care for hazelnut creme, but that is a personal preference. The oddest thing is that I don't quite know what to do with these. They're really pretty and if I'm in the mood for some chocolate (which I often am), I'm perfectly happy to slum it with a Hershey or M&M product. I don't need the fancy shapes. The fancy shapes are giftworthy to me, but the packaging isn't--it doesn't look or seem high-end enough for giving as a hostess gift. So, in short - again, was happy to try, but wouldn't buy them. Not sure what kind of a situation would call for a recommendation of these either.

I LOVED these chocolates. Melted in my mouth. I had a VERY hard time sharing pieces with the kids. I wanted to eat them all. I enjoyed the sea theme. I liked that I could taste the ground up hazelnuts, it helped to inforce the hazelnut flavor. Would recommend these to anyone who enjoys hazelnuts. I bet Giada would LOVE these :-)

I am a fan of chocolate and these candies were good. I am a fan of hazelnut, so the flavor was good. I did think they were not as silky as other chocolates in this price range.

So delicious. Such a velvety smooth, rich chocolate. These may be my new favorites.

So silky and yummy!

these arrived a melted disaster!! i did try to taste them and wasn't pleased with the taste of the chocolate, maybe it was because they were melted.?

I could not keep my daughter away from these. They are super creamy. You can really taste the hazelnut.