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  • Smgssg By  Smgssg    

    This one of those okay products but not worth the hassle to order. I like L'Oreal mineral make up better....except the concealer.

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  • dubsxoxo5 By  dubsxoxo5    

    I tried Sheer Cover before I tried Bare Minerals and for me, Sheer Cover was a lot better. My skin looked completely flawless afterward and it really did look airbrushed!! I totally agree with you about how it is not sold in stores!! The company should definitely consider selling in stores, I think they could make a lot more $$..

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  • amymille5 By  amymille5    

    I have tried Sheer Cover nad Bare minerals. In my opinion after using both, I feel like they don't live up to the hype. I have dry skin in some areas and have to use a moisturizer. When I put the makeup on after the moisturizer, it feels gooey. If I don't use the moisturizer then the makeup looks cakey. I admit that I like the free gifts that come along with them but I think that I will stick to the liquid makeup. Seems to work better for me.

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  • emac79 By  emac79    

    I was a Bare Minerals user for years, but decided to buy cheaper make-up when my husband and I started watching our money a bit closer. Everything mineral based make-up I tried over the counter, from Almay to Maybaline, just didn't seem to give me enough long-lasting, even coverage. I was about to buck up for Bare Minerals again when I saw an infomercial for Sheer Cover. They had a money back guarantee, so I gave it a shot. It does give awesome, even coverage and it feels like there is nothing on (unlike liquid make-ups). The starter kit came with two colors so I am able to mix a perfect shade depending on my summer tan. The free gifts with purchase were nice (esp the concealer), although the brushes seem to shed a little too much. I will order this again, as the price just can't be beat and it seems to do very much the same thing as Bare Minerals. The online store has a ton of stuff to ad to the kit, and it is all priced pretty close to top OTC brands, so I don't feel like I am spending too much. I just really wish I could pop into a store to pick up more mascara or whatever, like you can with Bare Minerals.

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