Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara

Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara

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This is a great mascara. I love that it also comes in a gorgeous rich brown shade. If you apply correctly will lead to long, defined thick lashes. The smaller wand takes some getting used to handling but is WONDERFUL for lower lash line. Dose not smear or drip easily ( my personal pet peeve) and will dry-- but not so fast that you can not layer or play with a minute if you want to. pricey but nice. Also fancy packaging is glam on countertop.

Best. Mascara. Ever.... Only a few coats are needed for absolutely heavenly, feathery results that may as well be falsies. The greatest thing about Guerlain is that all of their products are extremely sustainable and high quality, so it is worth the high price. The packaging is delightful as well. With a simple lipstick and some tinted moisturizer, this mascara tops off any beauty look and is absolutely worth it. I would recommend to a friend for sure.

A good primer or using a little baby powder with a q tip on the eyelashes will make applying mascara easy.

I also didn't care much for this mascara. This mascara ended up being extremely clumpy with the second coat. I heard that guerlains other mascara is better. Glad this one worked for you though!

I bought it from Sephora, and i didn't really care for it. I returned it. I'm a mascara fiend. Always trying something new. My favorites are Too Faced Lash injection and all of Chanel's mascara's.

In four coats of mascara you get eyelashes that tickle your brow. I for one have stubby short and thin lashes, when I apply this mascara my lashes reach dangerous lengths! It is amazing, the only con would be the price but I don't care. This is a treat to myself for studying so hard all the time, everyone deserves their own little treat. Worth every dollar, better than foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, or eyeliner. It is double ended and one side is for your lashes and the other is for the inner and outer corners so really your WHOLE eye is coated and beautiful. Will make you fall in love with your lashes, promise.