Gucci GG3110 Sunglasses

Gucci GG3110 Sunglasses

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What a timeless frame work. It never goes out of style.

I love my Gucci sunglasses have the one that is in the picture.. Never goes out of style and the frame is perfect for many shape face..! I just wish now that I need to have prescription in sunglasses that someone would come of with a way that we are not paying for lenses that have to be removed anyway.

I love my gucci sunglasses. I have had them for a long time. Super durable, comfortable & stylish. Worth the money!!

I honestly have never owned Gucci sunglasses, but one of my close friends did and they lasted her a long time! I don't have enough money to own Gucci sunglasses, but if I did, I would TOTALLY get these!!! They are sooo fashionable year round!!!

Sunglasses aren't just for summer time, but are a yearlong statement accessory. I love my gucci gg3110 sunglasses because my nose bridge is flat and these sunglasses suit my facial structure well. i bought a beautiful dark blue color of these sunglasses and get compliments all the time. the frame shape can suit almost anyone, and while the frame is plastic, it's a durable high quality plastic. I've actually had them for about 4 years, travel with them and toss them around clumsily, but they've lasted and I treasure them!