Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora

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Such a pleasant soft scent.

I recieved these Gucci Flora perfumes from my husband on Mother's Day and I loved all 3 of them I brought them for my mother too and she especially like the Tuberose not too strong and over bearing.

My favorite are the pink one and the green one.

I am an avid fan of floral scents because I think they work so much with body chemistry.And everyone's chemistry is different;that's why one perfume will smell great one person and awful on another. So far ,I have tried the Glamorous Magnolia scent.It smells amazing! Not too overpowering,just right for me,and the scent lasts for hours.It gives off a sexy,but playful aura.I would wear this going out to a semi casual,shabby-chic get together. Next scent up will be the Gorgeous Gardenia.... I have it planned out so that I try each scent for at least a week before I go one to the next,just so my nose will not deceive me,lol!

I recieved samples of each of them,Glamourous Magnolia,Gracious Tuberose and Gorgeous Gardenia. They came beautifuly packaged,simple glass bottles with a pull off dabber top with a black bow around it. They all smell fantasic,very feminine,soft and classy. The Magnolia i think was the best,top notes of freesia, green leaves and citrus zest,heart notes of peony and magnolia,base notes of musk, sandalwood and warm chocolate accord. The Gardenia is my second choice,top notes of red berries and pear heart notes of gardenia and frangipani flower base notes of patchouli and brown sugar accord. Then the Tuberose,smells very fresh,top notes of violet leaves and peach,heart notes of tuberose, orange flower and rose,base notes of rock rose and white cedarwood. After a while i couldnt smell them on me anymore and thats why i only gave them a 4. They are available at Sephora and Macys, stop by and check out a sample for yourself! =)

I received a small bottle of each of these scents for free, and I love them. I'm not a big perfume wearer, but these are great. They smell very feminine. The scents are floral, but they're not grandmotherly. They have a modern smell to them. They come in gardenia, tuberose, and magnolia. I think the gardenia and magnolia are the best of the three. I like having all three, because I can alternate and not get sick of the smell, the way I do when I wear one single perfume for too long. They last a decent amount of time, and the scent is not overpowering. I think they smell good in the bottle and on skin, but of course, the skin smell is the best.

I tried some of the new Flora by Gucci collection and love these scents. Each one has something different to offer. These three fragrances are very nice and I will probably buy them once I run out of my samples.

It's a really nice floral but I tend to gravitate towards vanilla and citrus based perfumes more so I'm kind of a biased reviewer. I think that if you love floral scents you will love this one, the smell is really pretty.

Love this product, its very good, smells sexy and luxurious.This perfume is not as strong as other so I recommend this product to anyone.