Grounded in my creativity

   By rosepowell  Nov 05, 2011

As I sort through the contents of my package received from SheSpeaks, I realize that I'm in need of a moment to myself. The house is quiet and there are no children at home. I'll drink a cup from the Art of Tea. I choose grounded, I think I could settle in on some "security". I tear the package open, I embrace the scents of the earth. The colors are so vivid and connected with those of fall, the colors I adore and admire. I snap a few photographs of the shades and then I heat my water. I snap another photograph as I place the bag to seep. As the color begins to infuse with the water, I get excited, what a beautiful shade of orange. I admire the many shades of orange. It resembles the changing of the seasons, a season I embrace wholeheartedly, as you begin to see orange in the trees, in the sky, on table tops, along the streets, Halloween and through Thanksgiving, before the orange fades and returns as Red. I love orange. I take a sip, I take another sip and then I spring from my chair. I dart to the closet that houses my school/office supplies. I find my Bristol paper and suddenly my seeped tea bag becomes a tool for art and creativity. As I begin to think about what I'll say, how I'll express how I feel, I begin reading the package of the "grounded tea"  and only to my surprise, it's not grounded. It's creativity!

Inspiring, I sit here as I take the final sips of my tea, I admire the color and I allow my mind to wander into this post. Where has my creativity gone? Where can it take me? What will become of this mini-masterpiece that I've created. I see words written across the Bristol paper, I don't know what words, so for now, I just sign it.

I feel at peace, I feel calm, I feel relaxed, and I feel serene. I haven't felt this way in a while. You see, I'm a mother of 4 kids, and though my husband is wonderful, there are times, he makes 5. Everything I do, is for them, around them, with them. There aren't too many moments that are dedicated to things I enjoy, things I want, things I need. In fact, my only outlet for me time is when I should be resting. This moment, feels like an achievement, a growth opportunity, a chance to see what can be done, what I can do, for me, consider that? Something for me? Is that allowed? As I sit here and think about it, yes, it's not only allowed, it's necessary for my own sanity and the "safety" of my family.

I really feel good, I feel so calm, I'm ready to explore Cerra further. I'm certain that there are infinite possibilities as to what Cerra and the products and vision can express from me.

That was indeed THE best cup of tea in a moment made just for me,  that I've ever sat down to drink.

Until next time,


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