Groove Kid Nation Music In Motion Kid's Song's CD

Groove Kid Nation Music In Motion Kid's Song's CD

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Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky and Get Loose?. Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky and Get Loose? No it's not me doing Karaoke! I just got this Groove Kid Nation: Music in Motion Kid's Songs CD in the mail and I am really enjoying it! Yes, I know it's meant for for kids, but these aren't your typical songs for kids with the sing-song versions of nursery rhymes. Nope! This is a toe-tapping, body moving, head bopping CD that gets kids to moving to funky rhythms and soulful vocals. It's not just fun to listen to, though. It's also educational. Groove Kid Nation features the Kool Katz characters to teach kids basic music theory (how to move in time with, etc.) by responding to appropriately timed cues. It gets kids moving by telling them to move a certain way with musical games, Like High and Low in ?Go Cat Go? (one of my favorites, by the way.) You can hear a generous sampling of the kid's songs on their website. Groove Kid Nation: Music in Motion Kid's Songs CD also teaches music recognition. At appropriate times and solos, the Kool Katz will ask you what instrument you are hearing ? or tell you to listen for different musical sounds (like a Flute in ?Fast and Slow?) and perform a different action when you hear it. The CD also comes with a really cute 12 page illustrated book introducing all the Kool Kats and showing each cat with their instruments. This CD is not just about entertaining kids with kid's songs ? it's about teaching them something and getting kids moving. Most of the Groove Kid Nation: Music in Motion Kid's Songs CD is original music, but even the songs that aren't original have an original sound or twist. ?I've been working on the railroad? is now ?I've Been Playing in a Soul Band? and ?Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky and Get Loose? is performed on a kid's level. Peppered throughout are kids chiming in and responding to help your child know when to react as well. Yes, I am impressed with this CD, but I am also impressed with Rodney Lee's (the writer and arranger on most of the songs) mission. This is straight from the back of the CD sleeve and I really couldn't word it any better: My wife and I were so incredibly blessed by the birth of our son. Watching him grow is bringing us more joy than we could have ever imagined, and he has hearteningly made us feel connected to all children. We can't help but think about the millions of kids who are born into poverty each year around the globe. Therefore, 10% of the wholesale price from each CD will be donated to CARE. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting poverty. Visit for more information. A little bit goes a long way in improving the life of a child born into circumstances far less fortunate than our own. So, this CD is not only good for your own child, a percentage of the sales from it will go to help another child. I like it when I do something good for my family and the world at the same time. I am happy to add this CD to my collection and will also be looking out for future editions. I love supporting businesses that want to do good.