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  • ashley1988 By  ashley1988    

    color is cool

    my dog loves ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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  • lhawk123 By  lhawk123    

    Greenie Chews

    Greenies are a product that I feel very safe and content giving to my dog. I have had good experience with this brand (my vet has had positive thoughts on this brand of dog treats) and my friends and family members have been using this product for a while as well. Greenies have a slight odor to them but nothing major and nothing that lasts too long. They also leave a small bit of crumbs as my dog chews/ eats it, but they end up licking up the tiny bits and pieces. All of my pets over the years have consumed greenies and all seem to love eating this product. Would definitely recommend Greenies to fellow dog lovers out there.

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  • abenjam2 By  abenjam2    

    My Dogs Favorite Treats

    My dogs love the Greenies Dental Dog Treats (Teenie Size). I have 2 chihuahua mixes, 10 and 14 pounds each. These treats are the perfect size for them. They measure about 3 inches by 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch and are easy for my small breed dogs to pick up and chew for a few minutes until they are done. The Teenie Greenies are a chewy, soft texture so it is easy for them to bite into. My dogs get so excited when I walk to their treat jar, especially when I ask "do you want a toothbrush". These are a bit expensive compared to other treats but one of my dogs suffers from tartar and plaque so these are great to help clean her teeth. They come in a resealable ziploc-style bag which is great for owners who don't have a dedicated treat jar!

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  • Brettslady By  Brettslady    

    My min pin likes these a lot. Work well and he has to actually chew them. A bit pricey or I woul9buy them all the time

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  • DJCrabtree By  DJCrabtree    

    My dogs love Greenies Dental chews. When they were puppies, we gave them the Mini-Me. I now give them Greenies for large dogs. I don't have to worry about their teeth or tartar buildup. I highly recommend them to all dog owners!

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  • lanagracemeier By  lanagracemeier    

    I'v given these to my dog, Andy, for the past 3 years and I love them! Use them!

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  • trishalynn0708 By  trishalynn0708    

    I LOVE these for my dog. The last time she went to the vet they recommended these because she had tarter buildup and her teeth were looking yellow. These have helped SO much!

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  • imsheegirl By  imsheegirl    

    My fur babies love these things! They sit next to each other and look up at me with the bag in my hand, waiting. I stock up on them when they are on sale at Petco.

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  • Photogchik By  Photogchik    

    My lab loves these, and they do a great job cleaning his teeth. The vet always says he has excellent teeth.

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  • Mckenna_1444 By  Mckenna_1444    

    I have no doubt these are great for my dog, but he doesn't freak out over them like he does with other, all-natural treats. I am happy that he loves them and they help clean his teeth but I think they smell terrible.

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  • ThisCharmingMiss By  ThisCharmingMiss    

    My dachshund loves these. I wish they were just a tad bit harder so they would last a little longer so that they could really clean her teeth, but for what they are, they are amazing!

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  • teenster3 By  teenster3    

    I used to buy these and can not remember if they are made in China or not. Unfortunately when I look for new treats for our dog, many food items are and we only buy USA made now.

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  • tammybaby By  tammybaby    

    My Chihuahua loves these. One of his favorite chew toys. It seems to do what it's supposed to do and helps with that awful doggy breath. I'd buy them more often but they're so expensive.

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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    My dog loves them but I don't think they really do what they are supposed to. I gave my dog greenies on a regular basis and she still had to have multiple teeth pulled because they were bad.

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  • mlarana By  mlarana    

    I was lucky enough to try these for free from Smiley360. I just want to say that my dog loves these. He goes nuts as soon as he smells the Greenies bag open. I have to say that his breath has improved tremendously since I started giving him one per day. I have tried other dog treats that promise fresher breath and none of them deliver like Greenies does. This product is more expensive than other products similar to it on the market BUT worth every penny if your dog's breath is really bothersome. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has a dog.

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