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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    Fun easy for baby to grab

    My baby had an easy time grabbing and holding on to these. Quality is good. The toy is exactly what is expected.

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  • Decker95 By  Decker95    

    What a great way to teach colors and hand eye coordination!

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  • Priceless713 By  Priceless713    

    Perfect little shape stacker

    Adorable stacking learning toy. Love the color combination! Warm relaxing colors. No sharp edges. Not small parts. Safety was a priority with this well built and designed toy

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  • jewls1971 By  jewls1971    

    Great for the little ones..

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  • carrieeck By  carrieeck    

    Love it just bought this for my nephew and he loves it!

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  • rmaynard7 By  rmaynard7    

    Excellent product. My 2yo son has been using this toy since he was 9 months old. He loves to stack it. It never gets old and the best part-it's a SAFE plastic toy.

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  • okiegirl03 By  okiegirl03    

    Great stackable toy. My son developed great hand eye coordination using this toy everyday.

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  • swankysuey By  swankysuey    

    This is a fabulous toy! They can be stacked in almost any combination (but obviously the blue circle must be on top). They are the perfect size for little hands.

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  • friedmli By  friedmli    

    My 17-month-old son STILL loves this wonderful toy that we got him when he was an infant. At 6 months he loved to just chew on the pieces, now he loves to stack and topple the tower. The colors are fun without being garish. There are no horrible licensed characters. The plastic is sturdy and doesn't smell weird. And -- it's made in the USA of recycled materials. What could be better?

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