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  • dieann63 By  dieann63    

    Green Gobbler All Purpose Green Cleaner

    This product is easy to use and has a very light scent. It comes with the solution packets that are fool proof!! You fill the container with warm water and POP a packet in and it dissolves in the warm water and POOF!! Your ready to clean! I liked that it left a nice shine on my counters, and the scent did not over power the house. We all hate when we have a cleaner that stinks us out! We have been long time users of the Green Gobbler Drain De-Clogger and have not found a product that does what it can do!! We LOVE it! *********************************************************************** *EASY TO USE, NO MEASURING, NO MESS! Cleans & Deodorizes. Includes 2 Microfiber Cloths! *EFFECTIVELY REMOVES: Dirt, Grease, Grime, Scuff Marks, Oil, Markers, Dust, Glue, Silicone etc! *GREAT FOR: Kitchen Surfaces, Stove Top, Leather, Tile, Showers, Walls, Pet Messes, Finished Wood, Floors & More! *GREAT NON STREAKING Citrus Formula, Leaves no residue behind. Use indoor & Outdoor. Home & Auto *REVOLUTIONARY bottle with attached storage compartment. Eliminates the need to buy 8 bottles of cleaner!


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