Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

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We bought this for our son, but wound up using it very little. I was highly impressed with all the functions such as different swinging modes and lots of music choices. I loved that I could sit my Graco car seat on the base when he fell asleep in the car seat. The swing was very easy to use and did not take up a great deal of space. My little guy was tiny when we first brought him home, but with the infant pillow, he fit perfectly. The only issue was my little man preferred to be held. For as much as I paid for it, I wish we could have used it more. I did sell it to a friend, and she says her little girl loves it!

I love this swing! I love the fact that it can go side to side OR front to back....also that you can remove the seat and place the car seat in it in a snap (literally!). You can hook up your mp3 player to it and play any music you want for your little guy (or little girl!) ...I downloaded music on my mp3 and hooked it right up to the I got to choose his favorite lullabies. =) It also already has programmed songs in it....soothing sounds(mother's womb, thunderstorms, waterfalls...and many more!), music. I also LOVE that it has a LOCK button on it....that way my 3 yr. old can't mess with the settings (ex- cranking it up to a *6* setting instead of a *2*!) while my 6 month old is in it. Lastly, the only problem I did have with this swing is the vibrating option on the seat itself went out (something with the motor?)...however I called Graco and told them what the problem was and they had another seat sent out for me literally by the NEXT DAY....awesome customer service! So, all in all this swing is the "Cadillac" of swings....I LOVE IT!! =)

I have this product for my infant son. I love that the seat comes off from the base and you can rock it on the floor. Also, the fact that his car seat snaps into the base and will swing is amazing! I love this feature and I am thankful to have it. I am probably more in love with it than my son is, but oh well!

I love this product !!! In my opinion its way better than the swing. I love the fact that if your baby is sleeping in there Graco car seat in the car and you get home the carseat will snap in the sweet peace its wonderful while you are trying to get groceries in the door and put away before baby wakes up !!

I love this swing. the only bad thing about it is that its very heavy and it needs a few more toys to hang from it! The delay in the swing when the baby is in it is supposed to be like that. Its supposed to feel like mommy is holding you and rocking you, so it stops and sways. This swing worked out great for my daughter....and I will be using it again when I have my next! I give this swing 5 STARS!!!! WE LOVE IT! AND SO DOES MY DAUGHTER!!

i thought this was a great product! my baby still uses it and is 20lbs. There is a little delay but it works wonderfully! I am a mother of 2 and I wish i had this with my first one!!

When I first saw the soothing center at the store I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen. It has a removable seat that you can turn in 4 differant directions, its fairly easy to assemble, and it can plug into an outlet or batteries! Those features are great! However, when you read the specifiactions it says the baby can use it until he/she weighs 25 pounds. Well, my son only weighs 10 pounds and it doesnt swing properly, even when you turn up the speed it delays. If the baby isnt in it it swings great, but as soon as you put weight in it, it doesnt work right. If that small flaw was improved it would be an excellant product!