Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat

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Convenient! Such a convenient seat for most ages! Easy to clean, easy to install, and I love the fact that it is a transitional as they grow. My only complaint is how heavy the seat is. It's not easy to move from one car to another in a hurry.

We love our Graco! This car seat was a cheaper yet just as safe alternative to the such pricy car seats on the market. He's been in it for 3 years and is about to change to the booster mode. We love our Graco!

Love this seat This car seat has been amazing for my son! It's adjustable so it does grow with him and I can change the settings accordingly so he's safe as can be. It's durable and easy to clean.

no thanks Very bulky car seat, especially in booster mode. It's not an ideal backless booster i'd want to carry around and switch cars with. Weird recline angle on it as well. It's nice in harness mode, though.

Perfect car seat The wide neck keeps the straps from rubbing against the child's neck. I also love how it's not bulky like other carseats, it's very compact.

Hit, single when you needed a grand slam We bought this two years ago for our son. I really liked it, but the fabric, etc just didn't hold up as long as the functonality does and we had to buy another one for aesthetics reasons. It is a great idea, but I think it could use some engineering to make it 1. lighter. Once this is set up taking it out of the car is a real PITA if you need to use it in another car. 2. Easier to switch around. I'm not sure how this is achieved, but going back to #1 if you need to change the configurations on the fly (oh no, this doesn't fit him anymore and I have to get to XXX), taking the entire unit out of the car, taking it apart and trying to rebuild it can be a daunting task for anyone. Don't get me wrong, I would buy this again, but I think it could be improved!

Love It! So exciting to find a carseat that grows with my daughter! This will be the last one I ever buy!

Car seat winning Seriously, love it!! Everything you want in a car seat. Even little pockets to put the metal lock pieces in so they don't get hot in the sun :) out daughter fell asleep within 5 minutes of sitting in it. Easy to maneuver, comfy, cute, safe and will last us years! The only down side is it's about 30$ more expensive than the regular nautilus. But totally worth it!

Only Carseat I plan to use! I like the functionality of this car seat. It is also a major plus that I do not have to buy another car seat because this one grows with my son. It is adjustable to suit his growing needs and it is easy to handle when switching vehicles. Absolutely love this car seat and do not have any plans on purchasing any other!

Love this seat I have this seat for my son and I love it. I love how it adjusts to my growing son and I never will never have to buy another seat because it will change to a booster as my son gets older.

good seat but misleading this is a good carseat but very misleading. it is a forward facing seat it dose not rear face. you should not use it until at least 2. alot of people think it rear faces but it does not. i have my 5 year old in this seat she loves it.

The last seat we will buy We love this car seat. We have now converted it to a booster after using it in the earlier two stages! It is a great seat for the price and will be the last car seat we buy.

Great Carseat! This is a great carseat! Very easy to use and seems to be comfortable tor my daughter!

Love the cup holder This is the best car seat ive ever had. I have it for my 2 year old and with the cup holder it's very convenient for the adults!

Great Convertible Car Seat I have one of these car seats in my car. They are very durable and fits a lot of different sized kids. I still have my 4 year old in this (because she is small). The back comes off to become just a booster when it is time and you can take the harnesses off/out for just a high back when it is time for that. The support it gives the head/back is great and it is a safe car seat. I have had all my kids in this car seat.