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  • knmason87 By  knmason87    

    Great crib

    I absolutely love our Graco crib! It was super easy to put together and is very sturdy. It is wonderful for the price and works just as well as the very expensive ones. All of the crib bumpers fit it perfectly and will be using it for a very long time.

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  • khyaiin By  khyaiin    

    We bought this crib for our daughter based on the good reviews and the price. The crib that I really wanted (for looks only) were on back order again and again, so I got this one as a back up. It is very nice. It is very sturdy and seems well made. It looks beautiful in her room. And it was also one of the most affordable ones that we looked at.

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  • Kmiles By  Kmiles    

    The screws stripped really easy and the wheels don't come out very easy. We were constantly having to tighten it. It did what I needed to, but I wouldn't buy it again.

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  • CountryPrincess1 By  CountryPrincess1    

    Bought one for my little one and I simply love it Even he being a year love to sit in his crib and him Stuffed giraffe. Really good product for not as much money as Some of the other nice cribs.

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  • MFriend By  MFriend    

    This is a beautiful crib, and sturdy.

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  • daisygirl673 By  daisygirl673    

    We bought 2 of these for our twins. We were a little sceptical when we saw the price compared to all the other cribs. But we decided to try them- we had sooo many other things to buy too. We LOVE these cribs! They are great quality and look great! We have 1 in natural wood and one in white. My kids are almost 2 and the cribs are still going strong. Still look great too! Definitely recommend.

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  • loveandcoffee By  loveandcoffee    

    Loveeee this. My son loves his crib and refuses to sleep anywhere else, it's really sturdy and I find it very safe. The price is amazing as well!

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  • buggyangel By  buggyangel    

    We got this crib for our daughter (2 months old) and loved it. Assembling was super simple and easy. It's a good and sturdy crib. For the same kind of crib people paydouble triple th eprice. We love the simple design and the price. Baby Bargain recommended this brand and we r v satisfied with it.

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  • chelsanne By  chelsanne    

    We bought this crib for our daughter based on the recommendation of a book. We purchased it from Target when they were offering a promotion where if you buy the crib you get the changing table for free. If you are looking for a very sturdy and safe crib and you are on a budget this is the crib for you. My sister spent about 3x as much on a crib for her daughter and when she saw ours and found out how much we paid for it she wished she had bought the same one to save herself some money.

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