Graco Highback TurboBooster Booster Seat

Graco Highback TurboBooster Booster Seat

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Amazing Car Seat! I have two of these in my car. They are truly amazing. They have grown with my children for a long time and will continue to grow with them. The headrest and back support are side-impact tested and I feel safe to drive with them with my children in the seats. I have kept my older child in it still (he is 8) instead of going to a normal booster because if we were in an accident, it would give him the protection he needs to keep him safe. The cup holders are nice for drinks, sippy cups, toys, anything. All my kids say is that it is comfortable. When I'm ready to put my oldest in a regular booster, the back comes off. I would not recommend any other high back booster and have bought a couple of these for different friends.

My kids love sitting in their "big kid" seat. They fight over who gets to sit in it. Plus it's so much easier to switch cars with than their bulky car seats.

My daughter loves this booster it was super comfortable and great for her since she has always been tall for her age.

We have this carseat and love it. I feel confident in my daughter's safety. The colors are different but bright. The cup holders could be taller as they dont really hold cups well, but she loves putting stuff in them. Brand is a trusted company that makes decent and innovative products.

Easy to put together, comfortable ride for my child.

GREAT product and very much worth the extra money, the safety ratings are great and the graco policy for car accidents is great, we were recently in an accident and the at fault drivers insurance refused to pay for our carseats to be replaced (we have three children) i contacted graco and they replaced all three of them for us! i love this company and this seat is very easy to install, very easy to switch from car to car, LOVE the cup holders and style/comfort!!! if there is one thing to spend youre money on its youre childrens safety and as well youre peice of mind!!!!!

This thing is GREAT. This is easy to put together, easy to take in and out of a vehicle, light-weight, and can be used as a high-backed or no-backed booster seat - which means you can use it for your kid even longer. I especially love the cup-holders. They come in handy not just for drinks, but also for sticking favorite toys in or putting a snack cup in when we travel long distances. I adore that my son is learning to put his own seat belt on (and wear it properly) with this booster, and there is even a clip at the side that ensures that the belt won't slip out of place. They come in a lot of different designs, and the fabric comes off easily if you need to wash it. We added a few custom appliques to ours with an iron, and my son loves showing people his "race-car" seat. This is definitely a great booster to get. The best part? It's inexpensive!

We bought this car seat for my son as the "extra" one. This way, instead of having to take his normal one and lug it around from car to car, we have this one, which is very lightweight and simple to move. I will say that as a high back booster it moves a lot in the seat. There were times where he actually leaned to the side when turning corners, and we are not crazy drivers. As just the booster it works perfectly though. The fabric is very easy to clean, I just throw it in the washer and dryer and it cleans up beautifully.

Pretty standard compared to other brands for a turbo booster except it is more expensive.

this carseat is quite expensive! you can get almost the same type and comfort in evenflo and for cheaper price at walmart.

My daughters use this product! I love this seat because it is super versatile and grows with my kids :)

I spent a long time working in the baby gear department and I know baby gear backwards and forwards and what does and doesnt work realistically. This is a great booster seat, especially for older children (the last stage of car seat). This allows more room and comfort for a larger frame unlike the all in one models most people get suckered into buying. Those unfortunately are not roomy enough for when they get older and still need to be in a seat since most states are extending the carseat laws. This feels less like a car seat an more like a lounge chair for most and more older children are more willing to sit in these since they also dont look like a carseat. This is perfect, definitely recommend this to those with a child that is entering that last stage of car seat.

Very easy to put together and install, easy to move between cars. Like that we have the option to use the back attachment for extra support and padding or only use the bottom booster.