Gorilla  Rack Workbench

Gorilla Rack Workbench

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This past weekend I had gone into the Home Depot with DH, and saw this set up and a light bulb went off in my head. I had been searching for a sturdy, well built, easy to move if neccesary craft table,. I was a bit concerned because of the pressboard (particle board) shelving, but after a few brainstorming ideas, was sold on it. So here is what I did: I bought it, bought a can of stain and polyurathane in one and a pack of paint brushes. Once home, hubby pulled it out of the box and began to put the frame together while I stained and sealed the pressboard shelves. I have to say that I was pleasantly suprised by how easy the staining and sealing went. I made a few errors in thickness in a few spots - but nothing major and I think it adds to the "rustic feel" of the over all look. i did forget to stain the shelf sides, so I will have to fix that. My DH was happy to discover that he needed only a rubber mallet to put the frame together and we only needed a screw driver to bolt on the peg board. I want to stop here and add that instead of staining and sealing the press board you could have a piece of solid wood to use instead. I was disappointed only in the fact that the dispaly showed a light and pegs for the pegboard and those were not included in the box. It was a minor set back however, and I went back to purchase those items. I also purchased for around $10 a set of 3 peg board baskets. There is an upper shelf for storage, and a light can be attached under this shelf to give percision lightenin when needed. (We used velcro to attach the light, which was a $14 flourescent light). Under the shelf is the peg board for which I bought the baskets and 2 sets of pegs (they came in packages of 4 for $2.95). Then I have the work area, which is spacious and accomodating for both candle making and sewing. Under the work spacce is a thin drawer which I also stained and lined with shelf liner. Then there is a nice area for storage underneath. All said I have about $100 in the whole thing and its a very sturdy alternative to an expensive sewing/crafting table! The gentleman at Home Depot was shocked when I brought in pictures of my completed "work bench" and when he learned what I had intended it for use. I have to say I am very pleased with the end result and for those of you contemplating getting this but who may be afraid of the staining, don't be! I used the Miniwax brand and it was sooo easy!