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  • tediconfetti By  tediconfetti    

    Personally I have given Google+ a try but I just don't see what sets it apart from other social media. I think it is unnecessary and just another way for Google to interfere in our lives:/

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  • Rayala By  Rayala    

    g+ is one of the option in gmail. It helps a lot. Group chatting ,message sending is easy. Their is number of options . I like it.

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  • IvyFawn By  IvyFawn    

    It's great social network. I wish my friends would use it more.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I have a G+ account for my blog but I'm not exactly sure how to get the full experience. Does anyone know of a tutorial for G+ navigation?

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  • MissAnnieB By  MissAnnieB    

    I love google it fast and very easy to search things you need!!

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  • deannatroupe By  deannatroupe    

    Google+ is starting to grow on me. I really like the Hangout format. It allows me to see the people I've been chatting with virtually for years. It really helps me connect with my social media friends on a whole different level.

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  • amazey By  amazey    

    G+ is so different from the other social networks and find it easier to use. I can join groups and conversations about topics that I am interested in. It is easy to add folks to my circles. My favorite feature is that I can choose who to send my status updates too. A lot of what I post is crafts and I know that some of my other friends would rather not be bombarded by all those posts. G+ makes it easy for everyone to use!

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  • FreeBeingX By  FreeBeingX    

    I have/have had accounts with most of the popular social networks. My Space was too "young" for me & not of the right atmosphere for my ideas and interests. Facebook was too "clique-ish" and I found that I wasn't seeing anything really interesting there & I was not enjoying the interaction with people I know, nor making new acquaintances. Twitter & I are still good for each other, but the format is very limiting. Google Plus (or G+) has turned out to be just about everything I want in social networking. I get to find new people to communicate with, while I see & hear about new information and ideas. It's fresher and the mix never gets stale. There is truly something there for everyone. Another benefit is the user's ability to separate interests, people and communications. It makes for a much more extensive experience. Since I have joined G+, I have not only met many people who share my current interests, but I have also been exposed to ideas and information that is new to me.

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