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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    I have fine hair, and I have a ton of it. I have tried this. I've had someone else try this in my hair. They just do not hold it.

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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    These pins work pretty good, for putting my very long hair into a bun. I do have to use 4 pins total, but I do like to use them, as a break from elastics sometimes.

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  • kristrange By  kristrange    

    I love these pins and use them whenever I put my hair into a bun. They don't leave a crease like a rubber band does and when I let my hair down it looks like a beach wave. Easy to use, only two pins and my hair is thin and blonde and the pins hold it in place perfectly.

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  • Shannon17 By  Shannon17    

    I received these as a gift so I am not sure how much they cost. I loved them ! They work really well and I couldn't even see them in my hair. I lost them, but I would definitely repurchase.

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  • plizzle By  plizzle    

    I will admit that these product works well when you learn to use it but that takes practice! The first time I tried this product it got completely tangled in my ten very long, wavy hair. After a few persistent tries I got it to work but i still do need a few pins to keep my shoulder length hair up cleanly.

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  • CarisaLin By  CarisaLin    

    I love this product for a quick out the door bun. I have fine hair an this product really holds all of it in. I will say for people with thicker hair that you may need to use more than one set of these to hold your hairstyle up.

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  • mamapluz2 By  mamapluz2    

    I like it , it stayed in well long or short hair with out using so mqny pins to keep your hair up

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  • Mattabellax3 By  Mattabellax3    

    I Really wish I had more positive things to say about this, but I don't. I'm really bummed ecause the spin pins just didn't work for me. I have thick hair and read so much about how they are equivalent to 20 bobby pins and how they hold so well. I even hear some people say they are great for layered hair. Well I tried so many times to use them, an they got Bent and tangled on my hair, and my hair fell out of the 'do' within 3 minutes. I really want to try again, but I have to waste another $6-8 to try because my friend web crazy when she saw them in my hair collection.

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  • caswilso By  caswilso    

    I LOVE SPIN PINS!! I first saw these advertised on the Today Show during Happy Hour and I thought "There's no way those work!" Boy, was I wrong! This things claim to do the work of 20 bobby pins. They twist easily into your hair and twist just as easily out!

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  • socialzigi By  socialzigi    

    I bought these for a wedding and now I use them almost every day! When my hair is messy I use both pins, but with straightened hair I use one. I love how easily these come out and don't hurt my head. I make easy updos! So great.

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  • Turtlecat By  Turtlecat    

    I'm a sucker for interesting hair hardware and thought these might make an easy, messy but stable, bun. Unfortunately, the length of the pins is a little bit longer then the width of my bun (my hair is medium-thick and falls a few inches below my shoulders.)

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I wasn't sure if these would work on my thick curly hair, but they were on sale so I decided to give them a try. They are great! My hair is just past shoulder length and really thick but the two of these keep my hair in place all day. I ended up buying a second set to keep in my car so I always have them just in case. If I am looking for a tighter style, I use them with a hair tie, but usually I just use the spin pins.

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  • Soonergirl92 By  Soonergirl92    

    I've got really thick, pin straight blonde hair that likes to fall out of things, but these really work. They don't hold my hair up forever, but usually if I put two pins in a bun, they'll last for several hours. Totally worth it; it takes less than 5 minutes to put the pins in for hours of hold, definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to make once every few hours.

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  • Amber43 By  Amber43    

    I bought these about 8 months ago or so... And I have to say that I LOVE them! They last just about all day for me, only using two of them. (I have thick/long hair) If I ever lose them, I'll definitely buy again.

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  • CrystalAnne By  CrystalAnne    

    Brought two re-makes of these online for 20 well

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