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Goodnight to "Ladies' Night?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 12.27.07
Goodnight to
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Though it may sound a little corny and perhaps archaic to some, ladies’ night is still a common practice in many clubs in this country. Ladies’ night, as we are all probably well aware, is a specific night venues sometimes instate where women are not charged a cover to get in or they may be given discounts on drinks when inside. The idea is to draw as many women to the club as possible, thus drawing in more men and more people as a whole.

The practice has been going on for many years, but it was only recently that a man in New York City decided to sue a couple of big name clubs sighting that ladies’ night is discriminating to men. The clubs he is suing offer discounted drinks and free entry and deny these benefits to men. Roy Den Hollander is asking that a judge deem the ladies’ night policy to be a violation of the constitution.

A lawyer hired to represent one of the clubs has compared ladies’ night to early bird specials and certain policies restaurants set up that allow children to eat free. If people see nothing wrong with those policies, why would they see something wrong with clubs allowing women certain benefits?

Another lawyer hired by a club has pointed out that men are not being charged a burdensome amount to enter the club, nor are they being denied entry. It is simply a way clubs try to attract women to a venue that may otherwise have a hard time doing so.

What do you think of clubs that still have ladies’ nights?

Do you think these types of practices discriminate against one or both genders?

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  • RockieB By RockieB

    These guys must be alone and bitter. Hey, Ladies' nights are the best nights for guys to go to a club. Lots of eyecandy! These nights are great for club marketing and as long as prices aren't increased against the men, I think it's fair game!

  • linda_answer By linda_answer

    I think the man is going overbaord suing for something silly like that but since lots of women complain about equal rights I guess they should expect it!

  • StaceyD By StaceyD

    I think too many people are "sue happy" in todays society. It is amrketing gimmick...that't it...get over it.

  • sitty By sitty

    Carolyn B says: When women are paid salaries equal to what men receive for the same work, then men MIGHT have a legitimate gripe. Women are still paid about 75% less than men for comparable work so my feeling is that they (men) have no reason to complain if women get a slight break.

    Pay equity is LONG OVERDUE.

  • tracyallen By tracyallen

    Clubs use the Ladies' Night to attract the men to buy the women the drinks. That's the logic of ladies' night, in addition to the fact that the guys will go where the women are.

  • deb31372 By deb31372

    if anything ladies night is a benefit for the men because face it more men go to the bars and clubs than women so if they like dancing with themselves by all means get rid of it. but also don't men have there own things that don't include us and we ain't complaining?

  • snowbyangel By snowbyangel

    I am soooooo tired of our overly PC society. When everything becomes acceptable then nothing becomes tolerable. Ladies night isn't meant to be discriminating, there are all sorts of clubs, it is natural for people to 'group' together. We aren't all transgenders with all the same likes and dislikes. This guy is pathetic and sad and there should be a stop to this kind of behavior.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75

    OK, this is going to be a "guy" kind of statement & I don't mean to offend anybody, but this dude really needs to "get some", if you catch my drift. My guess is that he's whining because he has to pay to get in the clubs, the ladies get in free/discounted, he's buying them drinks all night, and still can't get anybody to go home with him!

    I know, that was really rude & insensitive of me. But Ladies night doesn't hurt anyone & I'm sure there are tons of people who enjoy it very much. If he doesn't, perhaps he should just stay home. I'm willing to bet that if he wins his case, he will be refused service in most clubs(they have the right to refuse service) as he will be costing them quite a bit in revenue.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75

    I looked this guy up--he's a real all-around jerk! You should see some of the things he has to say about women! "5% of women have borderline personality disorder" ?What I think will happen,? he said, ?is that clubs will reduce the price for guys and increase it for girls. Every guy will have ten or fifteen more dollars in his pocket, which the girls will then manipulate into getting more drinks out of him. If they drink more, they?ll have more fun, and so will us guys. And then when she wakes up in the morning she?ll be able to do what she always does: blame the man.?

    What a tool! And you should see his Myspace page!

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    This guy definitely needs to get a life. I too am sick to death of the deplorable misuse of political correctness. Our system, which allows this misanthrope (or misogynist, as it were) to even put forth a legal case like this, is in a sad state of affairs!

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