Goodnight to "Ladies' Night?

   By drodriguez  Dec 27, 2007

Though it may sound a little corny and perhaps archaic to some, ladies’ night is still a common practice in many clubs in this country. Ladies’ night, as we are all probably well aware, is a specific night venues sometimes instate where women are not charged a cover to get in or they may be given discounts on drinks when inside. The idea is to draw as many women to the club as possible, thus drawing in more men and more people as a whole.

The practice has been going on for many years, but it was only recently that a man in New York City decided to sue a couple of big name clubs sighting that ladies’ night is discriminating to men. The clubs he is suing offer discounted drinks and free entry and deny these benefits to men. Roy Den Hollander is asking that a judge deem the ladies’ night policy to be a violation of the constitution.

A lawyer hired to represent one of the clubs has compared ladies’ night to early bird specials and certain policies restaurants set up that allow children to eat free. If people see nothing wrong with those policies, why would they see something wrong with clubs allowing women certain benefits?

Another lawyer hired by a club has pointed out that men are not being charged a burdensome amount to enter the club, nor are they being denied entry. It is simply a way clubs try to attract women to a venue that may otherwise have a hard time doing so.

What do you think of clubs that still have ladies’ nights?

Do you think these types of practices discriminate against one or both genders?

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jadedray by jadedray | Nokomis, FL
Sep 27, 2008

Let's face it men like women, women like FREE, thus is the cycle of life, lol. Apparently this man never heard the phrase "You draw more bees with honey!"- This lawsuit is ridiculous, like so many others bogging down our already overwhelmed legal system with "you hurt my feelings" cases. There are plenty of establishments that don't have ladies night he can go to those if he is so opposed to the practice and sit around with a bunch of other men. I think that these types of cases in general should not be entertained by our judicial system and the only compensation one should get for such things is an apology card and one free session with a good therapist! Coffee is hot, when you break into someone home they might shoot you, and clubs need women to attract the money spending men, I wish people would stop suing over every little thing and do something productive with their time that might make the world not quite so annoying.

nywoman33 by nywoman33 | Bronx, NY
Jul 23, 2008

Hi all. I'm a dancer who pretty much has either worked or danced at many, if not all of NYC clubs. And one night, I remember asking this club owner...(I will refraim from saying his name and club)...why do they hold ladies night and simply put is this. It's just a formatted way to bring in the "people" both men and women. Women come because it's free. And studies have shown that on those nights, double if not triple the women come. And what brings the "men" to the club?....WOMEN! So you see, it's just a way for clubs to get the people "In" biggy. Once inside, here is a tip for you clubbing men...and it's also an "Ice breaker" that can work wonders when trying to meet a women. Step up to the lady and say..Nicely, and with a cute, obnoxious smile..."Since the drinks are free for you, (or since you got in free), how about buying "ME" a drink?..." I've had this cute guy say this to me once...and it was the way he said it, and no, he didn't say it in the words I did..I forget exactly how he did...I thought it was cute, straight forward, and his eyes were dreamy, so I bought him a drink. Then I did walk away...I don't drink! LOL...and I didn't date men who did. :) Michelle NYC

Coleenb by Coleenb | Cerritos, CA
May 15, 2008

Now I've heard it ALL. You ladies are so right, and I can't believe not one disagreement....seems there is always at least one bleeding heart. I am literally sitting here with my jaw hanging open reading this story. Every one of you made excellent posts, observations, points, etc. There are so many rude comments I could make about this guy, but I'll leave it at "What an immature creep".

historyhata by historyhata | Westminster, CA
Apr 11, 2008

It's stupid that people are suing clubs just for having ladies nights. If they can sue clubs for ladies night, we could sue gentlemen clubs because it's pretty much guys night everynight.

cherbear07 by cherbear07 | EAST WAREHAM, MA
Feb 12, 2008

I too agree that Ladies Night was created for men. I have no problem with there being a Mens Night either..hey more for the ladies to look at. Fair is fair though and if the men want equality in this then how about opening the doors of the "Gentlemens Clubs" to all of us ladies.

chelly96 by chelly96 | Brunswick, OH
Feb 01, 2008

I totally agree with the poster who stated that Ladie's Night is for men. Was it really created for US?? Hello?!?! But I really think there should be a Men's Night. There is a local bar in my area that provides this service, and I think it's great. Equality, right?

sweet_angel by sweet_angel | brighton, IA
Jan 31, 2008

I guess he couln't get lucky on ladies nite either so now he tick.

kawona by kawona | Vauxhall, NJ
Jan 24, 2008

This lawsuit is a waste of money and time. Ladies Night was started as a gimmick to attract customers, male and female, for a night of fun. I guess he's just bitter because he has "no game." The only thing he should gain out of this is a slot in guiness book of world records as being the world's biggest loser.

sjgaines99 by sjgaines99 | Dalhart, TX
Jan 17, 2008

Ok, you ladies are the best....some of those posts really made me laugh out loud! And I agree with you, this guy is a complete loser! Maybe he'll get a female judge who enjoys ladies' night. That would be fitting. :-)

Angsiress by Angsiress | DELTONA, FL
Jan 17, 2008

Ladies night is for men lol! It gets the ladies their and now the guys don't have to buy our drinks to get us wasted! He just wants to get rich quick.

lady_greenbriar by lady_greenbriar | WHITEFISH BAY, WI
Jan 15, 2008

I agree with many of the posts, 'Ladies Nights' often are the best time for men to frequent clubs and meet ladies. I personally think this kind of lawsuit should be met with a fine from the judge for wasting court time and taxpayer dollars. I think the shame is on the court system for letting this lawsuit get beyond an office visit. I'm tired of frivolous lawsuits that tie up the court systems and tax dollars on someone's personal crusade.

chickb13 by chickb13 | Hutchinson, KS
Jan 10, 2008

There are many other clubs that may not offer ladies nights, he should probably attend them if he is feeling discriminated against. He isn't forced to attend those clubs.

edugis2 by edugis2 | Berwick, ME
Jan 07, 2008

I say.... BRING ON THE LADIES NIGHT!!! Someone man got a little bored and decided to pursue this. And he is probably just mad because he has to pay to get in somewhere.

Kirkette by Kirkette | Brunswick, ME
Jan 06, 2008

Ladies Nights are awesome, I complained very loudly in Japan when I was asked to pay a cover. I had to explain to them that if you want me in the place then you let me in free. If they didn't go for it then I just moved on. Most men go to drink, dance or look at women, most sane people know that. I'm guessing he's just trying to get rich off this, luckily my club days have been over for quite some time so I won't feel it in my pocketbook.

kualakuddlebear by kualakuddlebear | Coeur D Alene, ID
Jan 05, 2008

What is wrong with people ? He needs to get a life. Ladies night is a wonderful idea and I hope that some PC judge does not agree with him. That is what is wrong with things today.