Goodbyn  Lunchbox

Goodbyn Lunchbox

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Love the compartments and colors, but it is too big for my son right now. I am sure in a few years it will be a more appropriate size.

I will add this to my Christmas list.

Lunchboxes have come a long way since I was little. They are not a simple box that things get hap hazardly thrown into. I remember going to school and taking out my lunchbox only to find my PB&J sandwich smooched on the bottom of my lunchbox along with my banana, my snacks also an unforgiving mess being either crushed or spilling out. If I had yogurt that day it usually popped open to make everything a sopping mess. Plus everything always ended up being penetrated by the pungent aroma of my banana making everything slightly banana flavored. Now that is not a worry with the Goodbyn. I love this lunchbox. It has six fantastic compartments that protect your food from heaven forbid mixing. Something that is completely unacceptable to my two year old daughter. And they are so cute my daughter was so excited to decorate hers with stickers as to make it her very own. I truly think this lunchbox is amazing. It is for school age children 5+ so holds more food then my two year old can eat. (They are in the making for a preschooler size Goodbyn) The Goodbyn is perfect for the two of us. I pack a lunch for both of us on playdates anyway. So with the Goodbyn it?s the same just with less washing of containers. You can just stick your Goodbyn in the dishwasher to get it clean. And you don?t have to buy sandwich baggies something we cut out of our budget awhile ago anyway. And with no need for plastic baggies or juice boxes the Goodbyn can save you $190 per kid.