Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer/Moisturizer

Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer/Moisturizer

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wonderful hand cream & hand sanitzer in one I love that this is a hand sanitizer and hand lotion - as someone who washes their hands a lot at work and with kids around, my hands get really dry in the winter months especially, so this is a wonderful item to have on hand.I keep this hand lotion at my desk at work and another in my purse - I love how soft my hands are when I use it! I'm not a huge fan of the scent but it's not enough for me to quit using it. You don't need a lot of it at a time and it is absorbed completely. Great product!

I really like this stuff!! So nice to have a sanitizer and lotion in one! I like the smell too!

Sounds like such a great idea but the scent is weird and I found it left my hands sticky. Not what I want from a hand sanitizer.

I love the way the product moisturizes, but IT STINKS!! I would love to have this product with a fresh, clean, light scent. This has a lingering musty like odor. I def do not like it and won't buy it until I see "new scent" on the label.

I think this product is fantastic! I use a lot of hand sanitizer both at work and home, and appreciate finally having a moisturizing formula that still kills germs. It absorbs quickly, doesn't feel too greasy, and seems to last a long time. One drawback I have found, the scent is quite strong, an unscented version would be ideal!