Going Blue

   By drodriguez  Sep 15, 2008

When it comes to our planet it seems everyone these days is “going green”.  But what about the blue?  Since more than 70 percent of our planet is made up of water, it is important that we focus on our ecosystem as a whole. 


One woman who is starting to gain some notoriety for her interest in important water issues is Alexandra Cousteau.  If the name sounds familiar it may be because she is the daughter of environmentalist Philippe Cousteau and granddaughter to the world-famous French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


Along with her brother, Philippe Cousteau Jr., Alexandra Cousteau founded an organization called EarthEcho International.  The organization strives to get the word out about protecting the Earth’s oceans and freshwater systems by partnering up with various media outlets.  Just this last year, EchoEarth International set up shop at a popular outdoor rock concert called the WARP tour to share their empowering message of sustainability. 


When she’s not speaking out about our waters at rock concerts she is giving speeches at places like the United Nations, Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution.  Growing up in a strong environmentalist family has certainly made its mark on Alexandra Cousteau.  It has been reported that Jacques-Yves Cousteau taught her to scuba dive when she was just seven-years-old.


In an interview Alexandra Cousteau gave to the Examiner she explains how the oceans are connected to climate change.  She points out that strange weather patterns, the disappearance of certain fish stocks, and coastlines degrading are all directly affected by our climate changes.  She offers the interesting analogy that “the oceans and water are the life-support systems of the planet.”


If you would like to find out more about EarthEcho International, you can go to http://www.earthecho.org/home.html .


What do you think of Alexandra Cousteau’s organization focused on protecting our waters?


Do you think that in creating her legacy she has honored the memories of her environmentalist family?

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jen_taylor by jen_taylor | Santa Clara, CA
Oct 07, 2008

I absolutely love that. I worked with inner city 6th graders for a while, teaching about the environment. Explaining to them how their everyday actions have an effect on every aspect of the world around them. including the water, their homes, schools, and everything. it's nice to know that there are more people out there everyday trying to spread the same kind of word. And the fact that she went to the WARPED Tour to do it, is great. The general age of everyone that goes to that sort of show is a really great target age group. Kudos to them.

tripletsnthree by tripletsnthree | florence, OR
Oct 03, 2008

That is so great to read about. YAY strong, empowered, bright, loving, intelligent, women everywhere. How could she not be honoring her family. That seems a silly question. Keeping clean beaches and taking the time to clean up after one another not just our selves...because sometimes their are some of us that are not doing the part of helping our planet. Maybe seeing the ways of kindness will help to influence the next choice of recycling or littering...and maybe it will be fifty times of seeing that type of kind act... in the meantime if we pick up after ourselves and help out with what was left there by others we can all help in the blue are of life. Her site says she is touring this month and one of the rock concerts expects some 600,000 fans to show......speaking there should have a profound impact. Way to go.

fairygodmother11 by fairygodmother11 | shelbyville, IN
Sep 28, 2008

Wonderfull!!! Each of us can do our part to by keeping beaches clean so that it dosn't get into the water.

highlights by highlights | PATERSON, NJ
Sep 24, 2008

I agree. I think she is doing a wonderful job. It is truly fantastic.

bufflady by bufflady | BUFFALO, NY
Sep 22, 2008

i am so proud of people like her that care and do kind of work she does .. so many people take everything for granted.. it is wonderful to see her continuing the family legacy .

blueblueskies by blueblueskies | MADISON, WI
Sep 22, 2008

Thank you Alexandra for doing this important work!

kdlangfan by kdlangfan | LOUISVILLE, KY
Sep 22, 2008

We are all one human race on this planet. It is a must to preserve all of our natural resources. Alexandra and the rest of the Cousteau family have been providing information, and preserving our waters and natural resources for many decades, they are truly an inspiring family. God Bless to them all.

Sayde by Sayde | RuffsDale, PA
Sep 19, 2008

Our creeks here are starting to dribble away. We used to take Our Kids "cricking" It was a day of finding small streams and splashing,catching crayfish & frogs. We would have a picnic right by the stream. It was a big part of our Life back then. But now the streams are getting smaller . Seems to be no water life there anymore. Alot of stinky water and litter. As the areas are built up for houses and shopping malls the simple things in life are no more.

MS_Cat by MS_Cat | WORTH, IL
Sep 19, 2008

I also,think that the strange weather patterns,the disappearance of certain fish stocks and coastlines degrading are all directly affected by our climate changes. A climate change that we are hastening due to our actions and inactions. Since our planet is made up of so much water,all the above things are a warning that some big change is in our future. If we pay attention to and do our part to stop what we can of our actions that are hastening this change,there is no doubt that our whole world would be better for it.

I think she is doing a great job of honoring her family by her legacy.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Sep 18, 2008

I think today we are all better informed about protecting the planet we call home. However, perhaps we know more about space than our oceans! Our seas are living, breathing organisms that provide more oxygen to our planet than all the rain forests put together! We need to protect it! She is correct when she calls the oceans our "life support systems"!

halfchina by halfchina | Orlando, FL
Sep 17, 2008

I do think that she is honoring her family. I also think that with a family such as hers it is hard not to want to do the same thing. We all have to live on this planet, we should all try and protect it. Go whatever color you need to, Green or Blue...or Fushia for that matter, so long as you are leaving the world behind better than you found it. I am trying my best to do this and I am teaching my son the same thing.

Putzel11 by Putzel11 | Leesville, LA
Sep 16, 2008

Putzel 11

I'm all about environmental issues. Protecting the world's oceans and freshwater system is just as important than "going green". I admire people that stand up to this very vital environmental issue. I graduate the Yves Cousteau family for their courage and devotion to bring this issue to the attention to the public by various means. What would we do without water? It is the life elixir of survival.

Salemsw by Salemsw | Millbury, MA
Sep 16, 2008

What a way to honor her family--

haveitoldyoulately by haveitoldyoulately | BROOKLYN, NY
Sep 15, 2008

The name Cousteau is so very respected in this world... if not for the Cousteau passion, and teachings..resources of the ocean never would have been explored. How better to honor ones family, then to bring attention to the fight to protect our waters, and in return we will protect life itself. People need to see the problems up close to rally.

am_i_lost by am_i_lost | Centralia, IL
Sep 15, 2008

am_i_lost I think that it is a wonder thing that she is dedicated to protecting our waters. Trying to educate the world is not an easy task for anyone especially not a female. I give her much credit!!! I also feel that she is doing a great job honoring the memories of her environmentalist family!!!