Gluten Free Corn Muffin Tops


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Gluten Free Corn Muffin Tops

Makes: 10 servings

Description: What helps this to rise - warm beer - no flour needed and very little sugar!

4 ounces  warm beer
1 cup  yogurt
1 cup  oatmeal
1 cup  corn meal
1/4 cup  sugar
dash  salt

Instructions: Mix ingredients together, fold in, stir lightly. Grease cookie pan, drop biscuits on, and bake for 15 minutes in 325 degree oven - check for firmness. If not, turn off oven and allow to cook for another 5 minutes.

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  • Author image By SaraRT
    Sep 09, 2017   Edit

    It seems a bit strange to be using beer in these muffins, as beer usually contains barley or wheat, which is glutinous. This is the reason that the beer helps the bread to rise; however, it is not gluten - free. Only gluten - free beers can be used for people who are Celiac or sensitive to gluten, which would change the texture and the rise of the muffins.

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