Glico Pocky Sticks

Glico Pocky Sticks

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Always have loved Pocky sticks! These are a fun little salty and sweet treat from Japan! They come in strawberry flavor as well, however in my opinion the chocolate are the best! These are the greatest little treat definitely a hugely recommend item! These take me back to childhood...

These are really good I have bought them from an asian grocery store before. They are hard to find at other places unfortunatley.

Fun for a light sweet treat. Just enough chocolate without feeling too heavy.

Always a tasty experience! I enjoy it every time. The chocolate is by far my favorite, but they have flavors from Strawberry to Macha Green Tea. An absolute delicious snack.

come in a variety of flavors strawberry,chocolate,ect..A great snack for anytime of the day!

I love Pocky so much perfect mixture of chocolate and biscuit.

great taste! Love the chocolate ones!

Love it they are fun to eat specially for kids lunch box.

Im really not a fan of these. Even though they have chocolate on them they just have this plain, cardboardy taste to me.

I love it.. It's easy to handle.. I don't get chocolate smudges all around my mouth.. And, it is yummy and soooo delicious!

Gosh I remember Having these all the time when I was little. So So good! havent seen them in such a long time though, dont have them at our local gorcery stores ;( this need to change!

Bought these for my goddaughter and her eyes lit up! Chocolate wasn't all over her hands and they were also very delicious!

Pocky is both delicious and nostalgic, from eating it on my bike as a child to eating it in work meetings today it still brings a sense of fun to all situations. I have since moved on to other varieties of Pocky but still can't pass up a box of the classic when I see it at the grocers.

I've loved pocky ever since I was a kid. A simple but delicious snack that comes in strawberry and chocolate flavors (there's a ton more flavors in japan but strawberry and chocolate can be found in just about any grocery store)

These Pocky sticks are so fun to eat. The chocolate flavored ones are the best, but they also have strawberry flavored Pocky too, I think.