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  • mish2012 By  mish2012    

    The product is not worth the money.

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  • McCulley By  McCulley    

    I love that it is flameless, but it's just not the same. The smell just seems so artificial. I was disappointed.

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    You almost have to get used to it. The smell is strong then fades. I really enjoy the flameless candle part.

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  • sageemily2005 By  sageemily2005    

    love these flameless candles and its SAFE for children and and pets...if you cant run regular candles do to animals or children this will give you the same effect...smell does wear down quickly but i cant say i was using it for that i would using it mainly for the candle the air refresher was very pleasant smelling

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  • jenniferr8240 By  jenniferr8240    

    I loved these. I have about 5 of them, but I have a hard time finding the refills for it.

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  • jessiec228 By  jessiec228    

    I use one in my classroom but the janitors asked me to take it home. they hated the scent.

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