Glade Spruce It Up! Winter Collection Candle

Glade Spruce It Up! Winter Collection Candle

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My favorite Christmas scent! This was perfect for Christmas time! We use a fake tree so having these in the living room made it seem like our tree was real. The smell was wonderfully overwhelming.

Love this scented candle it smells good and has my house smelling amazing. Especially perfect for the holidays. The scent remind me of winter and the holidays it smells soo good and the smell lasts.

These candles are decent enough if you want to have a Pune tree scent in your home for the holidays. The scent isn't perfect, but it does the job.

Bought a few of these during Christmas season and they smell great! As soon as you entered the house you could smell them. Will buy again.

I bought some of these for Christmas last year and I love them. They smell so good. I also love the design. They are pretty and I got lots of compliments. The price is pretty good too. They lasted long and the smell filled the house, and stayed even after it was blown out.

Love these candles. Make Christmas time very festive the whole house will smell like Christmas trees.

enjoy the holiday scents all year long they make me happy

This product is my favorite. i love the way that each frarfance is so wonderful. I have been buying this brand for so long that the product still is the best.

I love the smell of this candle. It's very long-lasting.

I love the Glade Spruce It Up Winter Collection. The scent is bold and reminds me of the holidays. It makes my room smell good. The wick burns well as long as you trim it- without trimming, the wick will putter and puff out black smoke. I would have like covers for these candles, instead of having to blow them out.

Smells great love it ! Reminds me of Christmas

These are wonderful! I love how the scents remind you of Wintertime.

These are just ok, in my opinion. I've had better and I've had worse. Reasonably priced, so good value.

These smell awesome! Great fragrance without being overpowering! I love these in the bathrooms and kitchen. Would recommend.

I was able to buy a bunch of these on clearance after the holidays and boy do they smell good! A little odd to smell Christmas-y scents clear into late spring, but we didn't mind since they are so pleasant! The best thing about them is that the scent pervades your home to the point that you can smell the "afterscent" they leave long after they have gone out. For quite some time, whenever someone came over they commented that our house smelled like a lovely craft shop of some sort, which I attributed completely to the candles. Love them!