Glade Sense & Spray Motion Sensor Freshener

Glade Sense & Spray Motion Sensor Freshener

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this works but It needs to last longer and they need more scents to choose from

This product works very good, just does not last as long as I would of liked . Great product.

These are great have around the house. Smells are nice & I like how you can push a button if you want a spray of scent in between the sensor going off.

Great product with great scents. Downfall would what to replace batteries all the time and make sure you put it where you don't get sprayed in the face as you walk by. SO you have to put it up kind high so you don't get sprayed. Love that it freshens the room when there is activity in there, so it keeps it smelling great when company is over

Love the way it keeps my home smelling warm and inviting.

Love the fresh smell in my home when I use this product, its refreshing!

I must have bad luck with this product. I had a coupon and bought one, it worked for about 6 months, it stopped working so i put in new batteries thinking that was the problem but it wasn't. I had to trash it. I did email Glade and told them bout it, I wasn't expecting anything from them but i did receive a coupon for free Sense & Spray. That one lasted 4 months. It is sensitive, every time I walked into my room it sprayed. the light go on it would spray, my dog came in, it sprayed, the wind blew, it sprayed. . So i trashed this one to and I'm sticking with regular air fresheners.

I like this product, due to it being motion sensitive and is great to use in the bathroom. Clean linen is my favorite scent.

I bought 2 of these & put them in our bedrooms. I like the scents. It took a little getting useto, they spray when u walk past them, startled me a few times. I don't think the bottle lasts a month though, it seems I have to replace them before that. Also the scent doesn't stay in the air for too long.

I love this! It is great for setting on the back of a toilet or some where that doesn't get too much traffic. It does tend to run out quickly.

I won two of these Sense & Spray fresheners and two additional refills in a radio promotion. I really like them. They work better than other automatic fresheners that we bought previously, and that includes gel inserts, heated oil/liquid ones, other spray units, and more. The sensor feature really helps spread out the life of the refill. The unit upstairs, where we only pass by about twice to four times a day, has been on the same refill for over three months. When I go up there, I hear it spritz and the Clean Linen scent just nicely freshens the air throughout the four rooms (open doors), without being overpowering. The one downstairs in the computer room has been on the same refill for two months now. It fires more often, so it won't last as long, but I'm not complaining when I compare it to the other brands we've tried. These Sense & Spray fresheners are easier on batteries, too, than the other brands we own. The refill sprays are very small, too, so they don't take a lot of storage room. Best and most consistent freshening for the least price for our situation.

I enjoyed this product but it did run out of spray sooner than I thought it would.

I recently purchased this for our 2nd bathroom/laundry room. It makes me laugh - - it is so sensative to motion - it is on our dryer about 2 feet from the door. Sensor is facing forward, not towards the door. If someone walks by the door, it will activate! My husband says "that thing doesn't like me. It growls every time I walk past" ;o) I have the clean linen scent which is very appropriate for this room. We haven't had it long enuf to know how quickly the can lasts.

I love this product because it is motion activated. It runs on 2 AA batteries and not on electric. That way I donā?'t have to worry about the product running up my electric bill. I can place it in every room and as I walk in it will activate. It comes in a pretty canister and there are about 2 different scents. It sprays in an upward motion were it can fill the room. The kit come with batteries and 1 can of spray. The can last about a month.

I like these too... I haven't had to pick up a spray can of air freshener in months!