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  • JasmineJax By  JasmineJax    

    Smells very nice, last for long periods, pleasing to the eye, goes with most décor.

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  • ccaron177 By  ccaron177    

    Love love love this candle! Smells great and last long and is reasonably priced!!

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  • kanaka By  kanaka    

    have always liked glade products this particular scent is a little strong for me. love all their holiday scents.

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  • MarineMom52 By  MarineMom52    

    I have always loved the scents that Glade puts out, I think they friendly and inviting. Always have some on hand especially around the holidays!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    These candle burn pretty quickly but for the price it kind of evens out!

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  • Gwagg1212 By  Gwagg1212    

    Amazing product, smell isn't too overpowering. But, it doesn't last too long. Burns out quickly.

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  • woodjessicam By  woodjessicam    

    Smells very good and it makes the house refreshing. Only downfall is that glade burns so quickly.

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  • kitkatspeaks By  kitkatspeaks    

    I think Glade makes good candles. The scents are not too strong, and they are perfect for a guest bathroom or to put near the kitty litter box.

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  • Monkeyboys2 By  Monkeyboys2    

    Absolutely great product

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  • renita44 By  renita44    

    Wonderful product

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  • ab1490 By  ab1490    

    I really liked this product but I wish it was a little stronger and burned more evenly

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  • flcnblue By  flcnblue    

    I have been using glade candles for years. The kids used to come home from school thinking they were getting blueberry muffins, but it was only my candles, and you can still to this day find them in every room in my house.

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  • klmdjk By  klmdjk    

    I love glade products holds there smell for a long time, I have them all over my house. My favorite is Apple spice...

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  • misssdenise By  misssdenise    

    Great products that scent my entire town home. Luv most of the Glade scents, not over powering but very fragrant and warming.

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  • fas5904 By  fas5904    

    Besides one other brand of candles, these are my favorite! Glade has so many different fragrances, for different times of the year! These are great! The candles last a long time, smell heavenly, and low priced! Plus, Glade is always coming out with new fragrances so you will never get bored with them, trust me.

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