Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

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I LOVE All Things Glade! I love the scents of Glade products. Two of my favorites are Cashmere Woods and Lavender Vanilla, but I have many scents at home. I love this new type of squeeze bottle, especially since it's refillable and recyclable (WTG Glade!). I think the finer mist actually makes the scent linger longer.

Great scents, innovative bottle. The first time I used the bottle, I wasn't quite sure if I'd like the style but I found it really comfortable and convenient. Instead of pressing a button or squeezing a trigger, you just hold onto the bottle and squeeze. It's a great product for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome who have a difficult time bending their fingers and squeezing. The scents are amazing and really freshen the air and there are so many to choose from and to fit every lifestyle and preference. Unlike other air fresheners, this one doesn't leave wet droplets everywhere in the room.

I love Glade Expressions. They are light and airy and fill the room with wonderful fragrances. Cotton mist is our household favorite. Our grandchildren even comment on how nice it smells when they come to visit.


It was ok

Glade always smells amazing and the scent lasts! Great for the bathroom or any other room you want to freshen up!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! SMELLS FANTASTIC!!!! Very decorative. My friend thought it was some of my antique milk glass on my shelf.

I love this product the most of all the Glade air fresheners. I got the county fair collection in sparkling lemonade and it is to die for. I recommend this product to everyone. It is a very easy to use sprayer and is actually pretty as well.

Good smell and lots of coupons to lower the price.

I received coupons to redeem for two free products from the Glas Expressions collection. So, I have yet to find the oil diffuser, but I did find the fragrance mist at Walmart. I was surprised by the price which was only $2.98. I really hope Walmart decides to stock the refills for these, because I really like them. So, I have a preference for the fruity smells. My boyfriend likes clean smells. He picked out Cotton & Italian Mandarin. I was pleasantly surprised that we both got what we wanted out of this fragrance. I love how easy it is to spray vs. most fragrance sprays. You just have to light squeeze compared to awkwardly putting your hand on top and attempting to push a trigger that's usually stuck somehow. I hope to find the grey starter kit so I can use Cotton & Italian Mandarin with it, because I think it looks sharp. This is my new fragrance mist of choice for sure.So, I have nothing but good things to say about the new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mists. I bought the Cotton & Italian Mandarin in the mist. It's wonderful. I really hate clean smells, but my boyfriend loves them. This smells citrusy on top of the clean and it just doesn't get better for a compromise, in my opinion. Overall, I really like the mist, and I will buy again

Glade expression fragrance mist is a awesome product.I have tried the pineapple and mangosteen ,cotton italian and lavender all the scents are awesome.The cotton Italian scent gives more fresh these products.

i got to try the glade expression line for free a few months ago and i love it the spray mists work the best the oil dissfuser was ok for a week then you couldnt smell it no more so that was kind of a waste but my fave scent was th epineapple and mangosteen

I absolutely love the scent of Pineapple and Mangosteen. The long lasting fragrance really helps my home to feel like summer is coming, even when it actually snowing outside!

I haven't tried the expression fragrance line yet because you have to buy the kit first.. but glade lately has switched to a mist that doesn't really last that long in fragrance. would like to try this product and see if it differs from the other ones

scent is a bit strong on all of the glade expressions starter mist.DO not spray in a small area.