Glad  OdorShield with Gain Garbage bags

Glad OdorShield with Gain Garbage bags

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GREAT product! Love the smell, and how they stretch. Reasonably priced. All around GREAT product!!

These smell great! They are the only trash bags that I use.

Fantastic Very durable bags with a great smell. The only trash bags I'll use.

Great product Really strong hold and great scent! Masks the order from household junk. Price isn?t bad either.

I love the way they smell, the odor stays good even when horrible stuff is in the trash. They also hold a lot

Glad to the Rescue These bags hold up to everything I've thrown at them, even overstuffing as I tend to do. I've never had a bag rip on me and the stay on the can with no issue. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering and helps with the smells of the garbage. I would definitely recommend.

Don't like the odor I'm sorry I have to go against most here. The bags work fine - it is the smell that I can't stand. I don't think they smell great and the smell is very strong. Honestly the regular bags are much better. If you love things like perfumed air fresheners and scented candles you'll be fine with this I suppose. I really don't like most scented products - they all smell fake to me. Oh well

Overall very satisfied Smell great. Tie on some of the bags aren?t the best and break as trying to tie them. Tough bags nothing broke through the sides though.

I feel confident when I use Glad trash bags. They never break when I over stuff them. My favorite part is the combination with Febreeze, this helps the trash have a much better odor.

The only one I buy Glad is the only garbage bag I buy. I love the new scents they are using, but really don't care for the new grey supposedly tougher bag.

The fresh smell lasts This is one of the kinds of trash bags I buy. I like the smell of it. It is fresh and clean smelling and the odor does last too.

Nice quality The best garbage bags! I love the fresh scent and that it helps keep my trash odors away and a fresh scent each time the lid is opened. They are also very sturdy and hold a lot. They come in a few different nice scents too!

Glad garbage bags were already a great product. Then they added the Gain scent and now they are fantastic!!! I love the smell !

Glad is the best! I used to buy off brand garbage bags, but I love these Glad bags and won't buy anything else. We have to carry our garbage outside and across a trailer park and it's no fun if it tears and spills! Glad is definitely the way to go!

No more smelly trash can. These bags are awesome because not only do they help eliminate the stink from the trash, but they keep your trash can itself smelling fresh. The yucky odors don't penetrate the plastic trash can when you use these. Win-win.