Gilmore Girls Fans Everywhere Will Soon Have A Chance To Sip Coffee In Luke's Diner!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 04, 2016

If you happen to take your coffee with a side of nostalgia, then you will probably be interested to hear what Netflix is doing with random coffee shops across the country on October 5th. Fans of the show Gilmore Girls will be transported to Luke’s Diner, the very spot Rory and Lorelai spent their days chatting and sipping coffee, as Netflix converts some 200 coffee shops to look like the actual spot from the show.

People reports about the unusual ad campaign from Netflix that will convert at least one coffee shop in each state for a total of 200 Luke’s Diner look-alike spots across the country on October 5th. And if being transported to your favorite fake tv show coffee shop isn’t enough for you, you can also score a free cup of joe out of the deal. Between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. participating locations will hand out 250 free cups of coffee.

Gilmore Girls fans will also get a kick out of the “Luke’s Diner” branded aprons and t-shirts. And don’t forget to take a peek under your coffee sleeve. According to the press release, there is a “fun surprise under their custom Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve.”

And why perchance is Netflix giving us a hefty dose of Gilmore Girls nostalgia now? Well, it just so happens that October 5th is the 16th anniversary of the first Gilmore Girls episode airdate. Also, if you haven’t yet heard - there happens to be a reboot of the show coming to Netflix on November 25th called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

If you’re interested in channeling your inner Gilmore Girl, here’s a list of participating “Luke’s Coffee Day” shops across the country.

What do you think of “Luke’s Coffee Day”? Will you try and find a shop near you?

Will you tune in for the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix?

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Mandiboler by Mandiboler | Cincinnati, OH
Oct 22, 2016

I'm so bummed I missed this. I'm in Cincinnati. I LOVE this show and was hoping it was more than for just a day. The day I actually asked about it was the day it happened in my town and only for a couple hours. Hopefully they do this again!