Gillette  Venus Embrace 5 Blade Razor

Gillette Venus Embrace 5 Blade Razor

              Rated #5 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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88% Recommended
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Time saving razor Good considering it's not a men's razor five blades geez I'm going to recommend this to all my loved ones closer smooth shave leaves skin feeling clean and super soft one to get right away you won't regret it

my legs have never looked so good I would rather use these, and I do, over my Quattro razor!!! I do have finer hair than most have to shave and my partner has rather thick hair and she cannot use these. But I LOVE THEM!!! AND they are affordable

Skipping hair Ive get better results with a single or a double bladed razor then these 5 blades, they skip hair, not a few hairs but a lot. My leg & armpit hair grows very slowly and when I do shave , once a month (its barely 1/8") and the 5 blades still skip and not cut everything

Hallelujah!! 🙌🏽 My skin is really sensitive, I had dark marks from shaving & would get rashes that didn't heal so nicely, but I finally bought this razor & thank you Jesus! My skin is no longer irritated & my skin is nice & smooth

I loveee this razor smooth shave accurate and very easy to shave my husband took mine so ill have to buy another but definitely love it

Great Razor This razor works better than the cheaper razors. Because of the five blades, I feel it removes more hair. Also I don't get many cuts from using this razor. And I like that you can buy the heads instead of having to pay for a new razor all the time. Its the only one I use.

this is my go to razor to buy. i never get razor burn with it and its not as expensive as some can be

I purchased the embrace and was not at all impressed. The shave was mediocore and the five blades felt dangerous on my knees. Venus original is much better.

VENUS Embrace is yet another amazing product offered by Gilette! Always a smooth shave that lasts!

Really great razor. To be honest usually i buy mens razors as i just feel like they work better but this one definitely comes right up there with the mens razors!

Love these razors. Smooth shave. Sleek handle with a good grip. Bye bye to razor rash and cuts. Great value for the price

I like these razors. They make my skin feel smooth and work really well. I wish I could get a few more uses out of them before they rusted though. I feel like I change my blade every week. A blade that lasted at least 2 weeks would be better.

It's ok for the first 3 uses. But after that it gives me razor rash. I have thick darker hair so I would not recommend it if your looking for more use out of it.

Love it! I would recommend to anyone! These are the best!

This razor is a game changer ! Shaves me and leaves me smooth. But the downside is that cartridges are so expensive .